Do you often find your housing community gym dark and empty? It may be time to mix things up to re-establish interest in your multi-housing fitness center. And one of the best ways to do that is by incorporating small group training classes into your mix of local activities.

In this guide, we’ll talk about a few of the benefits and types of this unique style that can be used for everything from strength training to basic cardio. Learn more about just how engaging it can be for your tenants.

Two Benefits of Small Group Training

1. More Personal Instruction

Although it’s a class setting, small group training provides the opportunity for teachers to instruct students on movement types and correct them on any mistakes they may be making. The more people in a class, the more difficult it can be for an instructor to monitor how everyone is doing. In a more focused group of individuals, attendees are more likely to get a quality workout experience that is more catered to their needs.

2. Establish a Friendly & Motivating Atmosphere

Smaller classes offer the chance for people to make new friends and develop relationships. As those friendships grow, members of the class will begin to motivate one another to work harder, attend every session, and reach their fitness goals.

Some Types of Small Group Training


This type of workout has a cult-like following of people who strive to complete a number of various movements or workouts within a specified amount of time. It is usually a high-intensity strength training exercise that includes everything from pull-ups and push-ups to squats and weightlifting. Due to its rotating nature, CrossFit can be done with everything from used fitness equipment to brand new exercise machines.

Indoor Cycling

Also known as “spin class”, this is one of the most popular types of small group training. An instructor leads individuals on stationary bicycles changing up the pace, incline, and intensity every few minutes. They can be highly motivating and stand as a great form of cardio for people of all skill levels.


While walking or running on a treadmill may seem like something you would do on your own, there is new commercial gym equipment available like the T5xGT Group Training Treadmill which has multiple features designed for a group setting. Class members can set their own goals and take part in challenges via the innovative LED console. Users can log in to the machine, complete their workout, and share the accomplish straight to their social media feed.

Need Help Boosting Your Community Gym?

If you’re struggling to get people into your multi-housing fitness center, offering a few small group training classes can be a great way to increase engagement and interest. Along with these fun sessions, consider adding new commercial gym equipment to upgrade any of your outdated or broken down equipment.

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The new generation of multi-family fitness centers in our quick-moving modern world becoming more sophisticated every year. Fitness centers are a must-have in any residential or active community, according to the National Apartment Association. 


Residential gyms are the most upgraded community amenity since 2014, and research shows that half of all tenants would be willing to pay a higher premium for multi-family fitness centers that offer weekly exercise classes.

1. Treadmills

Every multifamily property and business situation is unique but the number one cardiovascular machine on the market for burning fat and calories is always the trusty treadmill.  Our knowledgeable staffs of design and equipment experts help assemble a fitness center package that attracts and retains residents.  

2. Ellipticals  

Proven, reliable and safe for most exercise populations, today’s modern elliptical trainer promises performance and customized with entertainment choices, Wi-Fi and other millennium must-haves for a quick workout at the gym. As you may now by know, our high-quality elliptical options offer versatile cardio training and all kinds of bells and whistles, depending on your fitness level and exercise goals. 

3. Multi-station Strength  

Countless weight lifting exercises can be performed on stations used in single or multiple stack arrangements. Efficient, sleek design allows you to customize multi-family fitness centers to best suit your training needs and space parameters. 


 4.  Core Training Equipment

From adjustable sit-up benches, ab wheels to battle ropes all the way to Roman chairs and weighted medicine balls, portable core-training equipment lives in an inspiring area of your multi-family residential housing exercise center. Sometimes it’s exclusively set near the functional training area and then sometimes extensive core training tools belong n your group fitness room with adequate storage space, another mandatory ingredient to the perfect multi-family gym.


5.  The Wild Card

This training category often depends on your particular region,specific space requirements, and even the target demographic of residential tenants. Workout options should be cheerful-looking and simple to use.(Remember: Big bonus if your residential property also offers fitness classes like yoga.)


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