Custom Dumbbells to Customized Your Workout

Custom Dumbbells

Getting The Most From Every Workout Did you know custom dumbbells can be customized to match your particular physical preferences in regards to workout, maximizing the results you get out from what you put in.  Each workout you do will hone, tone, and maximize your muscle; and the sky is the limit on how far…

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Designing your Unique Outdoor Gym

outdoor gym

COVID has spawned one thing consistently in 2020 — and that’s the creativity of business owners in meeting rapidly changing regulations and consumer demand. One of those changing areas has been the advent of the “outdoor gym.” To be clear, outdoor exercise equipment has existed for a long time, but people in rainier climates like…

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Prism Fitness Bundles now available for purchase.

Expand your at-home-fitness routine by adding one of the Prism Fitness Smart bundles now available at opti-fit.com>products>bundlepackages. With six different options to choose from, each bundle includes the tools you need to expand your strength, flexibility, and mobility conveniently in your own home. They are a good all-in-one fitness option or as an addition to your…

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Introducing the FitBench – an effective and diverse all-in-one fitness tool for your home or fitness facility.

FITBENCH® believes in superior quality fitness tools reinvented to make training more efficient. It’s where function meets fitness. Leading the industry with its neatly designed structure, the FITBENCH comes in three different models to choose from…the ONE, STUDIO, and FLEX models.  Each offers various pieces of functional fitness equipment, 360-degree movement, and locking wheel.

Find the Matrix strength equipment you need in our new catalog.

At Opti-Fit, we are a proud distributor of Matrix Fitness equipment.  They offer diverse and comprehensive lines of strength, cardio, group training, and fitness accessories equipment.  Here, you’ll find their complete line of Strength equipment and all specifications. For assistance with selecting the appropriate equipment, please Contact Us at Opti-Fit to determine the equipment that’s right for you.

Home Gym Solutions to Keep You Fit

Gyms, fitness centers, and health clubs have varieties of cardio, free weights, and weight-training equipment to enable users to pursue their fitness goals. However, in the wake of the recent coronavirus pandemic, people can no longer visit these fitness facilities. Home gyms are now a go-to option for people who want to remain fit. Setting…

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New Fitness Technology Solutions Seek to Entice a Range of Client Types

Corporate fitness options

Commercial fitness facilities are becoming more high tech in an attempt to improve the user experience and meet the demands of more tech savvy clients. By adding new technology solutions and benefits, facility owners are hoping to increase new client acquisition and retention. From the user’s perspective, many professional clients like the fact that they…

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Benefits of a professional design before starting your fitness facility project

D3 drawing of Matrix Equipment

The health and fitness club industry is seeing exponential growth across all areas- from the number of fitness facilities to the revenue generated and consumer growth. In a report published by Statistica, the global health and fitness club industry was worth over $ 87 billion in 2017, up from $67 billion in 2009. Similarly, the…

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Top Fitness Trends for 2020

There’s no denying that the past decade has seen major developments in fitness. But we expect more innovation and new trends in the coming decade. Rowing Workout A rowing machine works out multiple muscles improving your overall health. It’s low impact therefore suitable for all fitness levels and ages. It’s a piece of equipment that…

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