The smoother a multi-family fitness center runs the more value it offers. How do you get to that level, though? Programming your fitness center is about getting the most value out of it. Here are some suggestions.

Hire a Management Company

The organization is an absolute in the fitness industry but not that an easy thing to accomplish. A multi-family fitness center management company can help a several areas.  They can provide social programming, group exercise class, staffing and operational hours, pool operation and more.  These additional services will enhance the residence expierence and increease retention. The management company also understands the local regulations and how to follow them.

Personal Trainers

Why would someone consider joining a gym instead of using your fitness center? Two words: personal trainer. Once upon a time having a personal trainer was a luxury but today’s fitness consumer expects it.
Adding one or two personal trainers to a fitness center is just one more amenity that stands out. If they can save money and get the added benefit of a personal trainer, they will throw away the gym pass forever.
Consider partnering with personal trainers. They provide their clientele and use your space for the workout. They generate revenue for the business without adding to your labor costs.

Take it Online

Online apps like More Active , My Fitness Pal, Fitbit and more, provide fitness centers with everything they need for success in one place. Set residents, frequent travelers and center members up with a personal online fitness plan. They can access nutrition plans and workout guides, too.

Apps will offer business tools, as well, like website design and a full array of marketing tools. Set up an email campaign and center newsletter. Create class schedules and event notifications. Build plans for training and fitness that target your audience. Access a content management tool that will have you blogging in no time. While you are at it, create a new logo fo the center that makes the brand stand out and use it on all your marketing material.

Take a multifaceted approach to programming your fitness center try all three. Individually or in combination, they will give you what you need to build, run and grow your facility efficiently and effectively.

For more information concerning multi-family fitness centers contact your Opti-Fit professional near you.

Whether you have purchased or plan to buy high-performance gym equipment from Matrix, you should know that Matrix equipment makes it easy for you to maximize your ROI. Most of the equipment out there will eventually earn its keep over time, but there are very few manufacturers that will further help you make the purchase worth the effort.

Asset Management

Many gym owners don’t bother to think about the life of their equipment. They hope that it will last for a long time and they repair it when something is broken. Matrix equipment will monitor itself for you. As your machine ages, it will alert you as to when you need to think about updating something, or if a part is nearing its expiration. The monitoring function will also tell you when something is wrong or not functioning properly. You can also get instant access to the product information for the equipment. Here are some handy tools that you will have when you purchase Matrix equipment:

Of each piece and your gym as a whole. This feature will tell you which pieces are members favorites, it can also tell you what product mix you should keep on the floor.


Your Matrix equipment will even do some of the marketing work for you. Members that sync up to use the workout-tracking and personal training features will receive messages when new workout tracks, trainers, or classes are uploaded to their favorite machines.

You can also allow members to personalize their experience, or you can customize it for them. These are just some of the ways that Matrix will help you to keep your gym on your member’s minds. The ore that they are thinking about it, the more likely they are to post something about it to their friends on a social media platform like Instagram or Facebook.

Matrix equipment has a lot to offer as far as maximizing your ROI on the pieces that you purchase. We strive to make our high-end workout experience the best on the market so that your members stay fit and happy at your gym. Give us a call today to find out more about maximizing your ROI.

Contact Opti-Fit for more information on high performance fitness equipment.

Thinking Outside the Box


Opti-Fit must be resourceful and flexible when designing and equipping residential fitness spaces that may be small, oddly shaped or poorly lit. Multi-family health club footprints, especially,  are often compressed to accommodate other amenities, so maximizing versatility and usability in residential gym areas is key. And we work within your budget and according to your personalized and customized design goals.


At Opti-Fit we accomplish these goals by utilizing and equipping multifunctional, movable equipment tailored and customized to your gym’s layout. We are fast, flexible and versatile.


Consider Your Target User

We do take into consideration the demographics of your school or residence, your surrounding neighborhood, and much more. Our innovative and flexible approach emphasizes providing for all ages and experience levels to democratize the space and maintain compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act.


Family Fitness: Ambiance and Efficiency

When designing and equipping residential gyms, you must also consider cardio machines and exercise trends for all ages and sizes, such as aquatic programming, yoga and other mind-body exercise routines.


Ten years ago adapting the fitness center to various workout types has historically meant designating certain areas for cardio, stretching and weight training. Today, you likely add (on top of those main three areas) a yoga area, cycling and functional training areas. Segregating these activities prevents injuries caused by too-much equipment in an overly small space.


What About Exercise Beginners?


Designing your new multi-family fitness space must also and imbue novice exercisers with a greater degree of confidence and comfort. We work very closely with our client to create and deliver the optimal exercise and movement experience, whether you require a new aquatic center in your university fitness space, or refurbishing the tiny fitness studio designated for your multi-family fitness space.  


Explore functional fitness opportunities in your commercial fitness space.


With our specialized process, we can provide very realistic renderings of your custom facility while delivering a very strong sense of environment, accuracy and details.


Opti-Fit is the leader in fitness center design and supply. Over the last 20 years, the Opti-Fit team has worked with thousands of clients across the nation in the planning, execution, design and supply of their fitness amenity space.


Opti-Fit also partners with the top suppliers in the fitness industry integrating our process into the optimal user experience. We can help you and your exercise fitness space reach your ultimate potential for customer satisfaction, whether you manage a university exercise space or a commercial multi-family residential gym.

Couples Who Exercise Together

Get strong and confident and engage with a partner, friend or family member by celebrating a special Valentine’s Day this year.


At the gym, you might try hot yoga and Body Pump classes together, or make a pact with your significant other to experiment with a new sport or exercise workshop once a month – and always together. Studies show, after all, that romantic couples that exercise together are generally happier in the relationship and more attracted to their partner.


At home, fit couples might set up cardio circuit training stations with weights and a treadmill or a stationary bike. Interestingly, research also shows that if you improve your own workout consistency, your sweetheart is 50 percent more likely to do the same. (That is a surefire recipe for a happier love life.)


Kettle bells

Smart Workouts for Valentine’s Day


When you exercise, the release of endorphins, those feel-good hormones or feelings of pleasure that you release (in your brain) may create the perfect chemical mix for a vibrant and enriching love life.


Firm Up and Maintain Exercise Motivation 


– Take a golf or ski lesson from a pro

– Hire a personal trainer for two for one month of workouts

– Convert your dirty garage into a dreamy home gym

– Start a detox and diet together to support your exercise efforts



How to Make Exercising Together a Higher Priority


Set up a new home gym together for Valentine’s Day or take a wild fitness class at the new gym in town. Opti-Fit Fitness Systems can help brainstorm and create the ultimate fitness space for your school or college, or a residential fitness center.


Ask about our free fitness facility assessment and 3-dimensional gym renderings for your customized fitness space. We’ll make it your happiest Valentine’s Day ever.

Although a great fitness center can help attract and retain residents, a number of multifamily property owners who have invested large sums to install fitness centers are frustrated to see them underutilized. One major development trend nationwide is an emphasis on building community, whether it be through communal spaces, on-site events or a multifunctional app with a communication platform. At the same time, group fitness classes like CrossFit, SoulCycle and yoga continue to grow their devoted bases. Savvy multifamily property managers have begun to realize that merging the two can fill their gyms. These are the top five things property managers can do to foster a sense of community.

1. Incorporate Networked Fitness Equipment

Networked fitness equipment leverages technology to integrate group classes, personal training, contests and more. Opti-Fit partners with Matrix, which has a platform with a social feed that allows members to collectively motivate and congratulate each other on meeting milestones. It can promote gym awareness, engagement and social connections. The platform can capture data from fitness trackers and smart equipment, or import fitness logs from other sites so individuals are spared manual data re-entry. Through the app, members can get guest passes, push notifications, and class and gym schedules.

2. Provide Equipment That Promotes Group Training

One of the surest ways to activate and mobilize a fitness center is to provide equipment that allows for group and class-based training, such as the customized TRX Studio Line, indoor group cycles and yoga mats. Property managers can schedule and tailor group workouts to have broad appeal and cater to all ages, interests and abilities. This can mean regularly offering beginner or introductory classes while varying the intensity, modality and targeted muscle groups of workouts. Keeping track of attendance and distributing surveys to residents can help programmers determine members’ favorite teachers and styles. Classes beamed to TVs with virtual instructors are becoming increasingly popular, especially where real trainers are in short supply. A subscription to online classes can be a cost-effective way to incorporate group fitness, though participants may not get the same level of individualized attention.

3. Employ A Wellness Director

Fitness directors are responsible for ascertaining residents’ workout preferences and designing a suitable schedule of classes. They can also help with gym upkeep and ensure it continues to meet residents’ needs. This director’s salary can be passed along to residents in the form of an incremental rent bump.

4. Offer On-Site Personal Training

Working with an on-site trainer is convenient for residents and great for beginners and people with injuries or other limitations. Trainers can help people lift with proper form, learn new exercises to do independently, create a weekly exercise regimen and, when appropriate, provide nutritional support.

5. Sponsor Contests For Residents

Healthy competition is one of the best ways to make fitness engaging and fun. Equipment like Expresso Bikes use mounted screens to offer an immersive experience, display a live leaderboard and give bikers access to a number of challenges. Wellness directors can host pushup, pull-up, plank or even hula-hoop competitions to spark people’s competitive drives. They can also simulate a “Walk Across America” race series with treadmills, or a leg-burning “climb the Empire State Building” with climbers. They can open the contest to an entire market to attract new tenants. They can also charge a nominal entry fee and donate the proceeds to a local charity.

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