TRX TRAINING – Opti-Fit features this great program for fitness resolutions

Perfect for group studios, dynamic training areas, flexibility zones,multi-family fitness centers or anywhere you need extra functional training, there are TRX setups created for every fitness center. Highly customizable, a TRX Suspension Training system includes anchoring and storage units that boost exercise functionality and mobility for every fitness level.

TRX Suspension Training Systems also utilize and adapt to every square inch of your exercise facility or personal training studio. TRX Corner Units, for instance, include mounted TV and self-guided straps and add-ons for functional training, upper body, lower body,and always your core muscles. Always!
          suspension fitness trainingsuspension training at a multi-housing gym

Body-Weight Training Boosts Core Strength and Mobility

This revolutionary training system with topnotch educational programming keeps challenging and adapting to the needs of today’s exerciser. TRX fitness expert teams work with thousands of athletes,coaches and physiologists to adapt every exercise or program  to personalized fitness levels and safety modifications for home use or residential fitness areas.  To sculpt every major muscle group  especially your core muscles TRX Suspension Training systems can:  

  • Sculpt muscles faster, more efficiently
  • Target your core muscles in every exercise
  • Chisel your upper body in record time
  • It’s time efficient; units set up in under five minutes
  • TRX builds confidence and agility

TRX Units Save on Space and Time

Personalize your own training with TRX Suspension Training systems and using the personalized exercise prescription app for additional workouts. TRX Corner Units, for example, include  mounted TV and/or self-guided exercise branding options for: mobility, functional training, upper body, lower body, and core

Challenge yourself in 2018 to try Opti-Fit’s TRX training equipment and education courses to help you de-stress – and pull,squat and lunge your way to a leaner, fitter 2018.