Maybe a New Home Gym?

The man in your life deserves to stay fit and healthy. FOr dad, the best way to get into shape is by taking his workouts outside this month and using outdoor recreational fitness equipment as often to sustain.

Outdoor fitness equipment and recreational exercises – like basketball courts, mini rock walls and outdoor weight circuits – will get dad and everyone in the family beach-ready in record time.


If you don’t see them already, you are going to start seeing a proliferation of sophisticated outdoor recreational equipment in cities and local playgrounds near you. What’s new? Everything from aquatic centers and new basketball courts to tamper-proof steel ab press machines near a set of adult parallel bars.

 Weatherproof and Tamperproof Equipment


Fitness machines and bolted, steel workout stations are popping up in green spaces in parks to promote wellness in local communities and to help in the fight against child and adult overweight and obesity.


The next time you are in a neighborhood park., take a good hard look around and see if there are grownup playground items adjacent or close to the kids’ areas.  You might find body weight exercises done in a circuit training format or within different cardio and strength stations can provide a complete workout – especially if you finish your playground workout with a brisk walk or run around the park to torch additional fat and calories.


5 Reasons for Dad to Use Recreational Equipment

He trains longer. Studies show exercise participants are likely to work out longer when they are outside in nature, resulting in burning roughly 5-7 percent more calories during outside exercise.

He trains harder. The rugged or varied terrain of a park might be just what your body needs to challenge itself to learn a new skill, like hanging upside down on a set of adult monkey bars. Get crazy, be confident, do more cardio!

He soothes stress. Outdoor exercise battles work stress. According to a report published in Environmental Science and Technology a 30-minute walk in the park made 71 percent of active people in the study feel “significantly less stressed,” while 72 percent of people who exercised inside actually felt more stressed.

He is the best role model.  You serve as instant wellness role model to your kids, your family and your office mates. That’ll keep you sweating and inspiring all season long.

He avoids getting sick. Indoor air is two to five time more polluted than outdoor air, according to a study from the Environmental Protection Agency, so you may just sidestep cold season by perspiring in the park instead of your favorite gym class.


We’ve developed a reputation for tough equipment that provides real workouts to even the fittest of users. At the same time our innovative, built-in assist mechanisms make our equipment accessible to all fitness levels. We work closely with our clients to create and deliver the optimal fitness experience.

We design your space while partnering with your architects, interior designer and contractors to fully optimize your fitness amenity into your building design. With our specialized process, we can provide realistic renderings of your facility while bringing a strong sense of detail and accuracy to your fitness space.

Call today for your facility’s free design assessment.

Perfect for group studios, dynamic training areas, flexibility zones, multi-family fitness centers or anywhere you need extra functional training, there are TRX setups created for every kind of innovative fitness center. Highly customizable, a TRX Suspension Training system includes anchoring and storage units that boost exercise functionality and mobility for every fitness level.


Suspension workouts require extra attention to body position, and the parts (and handles) zero in on the core muscles of your abdominals, obliques, mid-to-lower back, and even the butt muscles.  When you work out and exercise your core on a regular basis, you do provide a strong and stable base for every movement in every other part of the body. 


Ask your favorite personal trainer to provide a suspension-training workout, and get ready to pump it up! 


Benefits of Suspension Training  


TRX Suspension Training Systems also utilize and adapt to every square inch of your exercise facility or personal training studio. TRX Corner Units, for instance, include mounted TV and self-guided straps and add-ons for functional training, upper body, lower body,and always your core muscles.  

This revolutionary training system with topnotch educational programming keeps challenging and adapting to the needs of today’s exerciser. TRX fitness expert teams work with thousands of athletes,coaches and physiologists to adapt every exercise machine or group fitness program to personalized fitness levels and safety modifications for home use or residential fitness.  

To sculpt every major muscle group  especially your core muscles TRX Suspension Training systems:  


  • Sculpt muscles faster, more efficiently
  • Target your core muscles in every exercise
  • Chisel your upper body in record time
  • It’s time efficient; units set up in under five minutes
  • TRX builds confidence and agility


TRX Units Save on Space and Time

Personalize your own training with TRX Suspension Training systems and using the personalized exercise prescription app for additional workouts. TRX Corner Units, for example, include  mounted TV and/or self-guided exercise branding options for: mobility, functional training, upper body, lower body, and core muscles. 

Challenge yourself to try Opti-Fit’s TRX Suspension Training equipment for home or for your commercial space. Ask about our unique staff training and fitness programming options at Opti-Fit, as well as education courses around our state-of-the-art group programming.   

Fitness Equipment to Boost Performance


Help develop your athletes’ speed, power and agility with top-of-the-line training tools and sport-specific resistance machines.


athletic performance fitness centerHere’s how to maximize every athlete’s potential with innovative and highly customized fitness choices in athletic training centers – whether they are in colleges or multi-family residential gyms – the optimal training environment is attractive, comfortable and inspiring. It might be filled with proprietary equipment and properly placed mirrors, free Wi-Fi and innovative exercise machines that publicize your brand and the inherent personality of the commercial fitness facility.


The workhorses of the modern-day athletic training center will probably always be top-of-the-line sports specific cardio machines and innovative weight training machines. Yet, even these more straightforward choices help move your brand forward.


Whether you are training professional sports teams or future Olympians, your commercial fitness equipment options should closely reflect your brand, messaging and target audiences. Choose your resistance exercise tools and customized training methods very carefully – and mindfully. Allow your athletes to see, feel and track their progress every step of the way.


Below, we pinpoint 10 ways to stand out from the cardio and weight training crowd with careful selections of your favorite and most effective sport-specific training tools and other athletic-based, exercise accessories:


Top 10 List Athletic Performance Tools


1  Agility training tools, such as cones, small weighted balls and hurdles


2  Weights and weighted barbells, dumbbells and kettle bells


3  Pilate’s tools for core training, such as Pilate’s rings and chairs


TRX Training and unique fitness programming


5  High-end vibration trainers like Power Plate stations


6  Strength benches and weight racks from sports-specific strength vendors


7  Battle ropes, jump ropes, training ropes and lifting straps


8  Boxing bags and other martial arts athletic tools and strength attachments


9  Yoga blocks, straps and customized mats and training ropes for mind-body programming


10 Agility sleds and speed ladders for coordination, speed and explosive power (or plyometrics)


Attracting top athletes to a college athletic training center or offering innovations to your multi-family residential gym members always comes down to ensuring program success and the top quality of your training room equipment.


Ask about Opti-fit’s athletic training centers and our free commercial facility assessments today.