Treadmills and Ellipticals


How hard you push yourself determines how many calories you burn either on a treadmill or elliptical machine, or any other exercise machine.  And instead of choosing one machine over the other, smart exercisers know that both of these aerobic-building cardio stations play a major role in helping you lost fat, stay slim and work off those last few pounds.


RX: In between days of strength training and yoga, for instance, do 1-2 days of either machine or try mixing and matching in one innovative session, for 15 minutes each. There are many more options!


Treadmills Blast Body Fat


Yet the activity is fairly tough to maintain at quicker paces. Running outside burns even more calories than running flats on your treadmill, say our fitness experts. On the other hand, elliptical machines with arm handles and resistance allow you to work your upper body along with your lower body, which you cannot do on a treadmill.


If you prefer to run, elliptical workouts can be a great way to reduce boredom and prevent injuries, such as back pain, minor sprains and strains.


Proper Technique Decides the Winner


Same form apply though: Do not hold onto the treadmill bar to help support your body weight as you walk on inclines or run. Similarly, if you grab onto any exercise handles – like the Step Mill or the commercial treadmill – you are cheating yourself out of the biggest calorie burn – and proper posture, which helps prevent overuse injuries.


Commercial Elliptical Machines


The lower impact of the elliptical cross-trainer allows you to zero in on your butt and thigh muscles while pedaling and driving through heels with each rotation. On the safe, fun elliptical machine elliptical your feet are connected to the pedals — and similar to bicycling. Standing elliptical movements are easier on the knees and joints of the body, and require less stabilization, so some may consider it a safer form of cardio.


If you are preparing for any kind of competitive running race, you’re already working on speed, distance and stamina with running. If you have slight pains from al the running, it’s a safer bet to hop onto the elliptical machine and blast calories on that to give your feet a break.


However, not running enough leaves you vulnerable to injury on race day. Your heart may be able to sustain a marathon distance run after training on the elliptical, but your ankles, feet, knees, hips, back, quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes (butt muscles) will not be ready for the continuous pounding.


We think there’s a place for every piece of cardio equipment on a weekly regimen! Don’t get stuck on the same-old machine every day though, or you’ll stop seeing real results, Instead, start experimenting with pace, duration and intensity on several different machines.


Get your heart pumping and reduce stress  on both the treadmill and the elliptical machine.


Which one you choose depends on your potential injuries, race goals and overall fitness level. Try cardio cross training – and get the best of both worlds, and shed a few pound just in time for pool season!

Couples Who Exercise Together

Get strong and confident and engage with a partner, friend or family member by celebrating a special Valentine’s Day this year.


At the gym, you might try hot yoga and Body Pump classes together, or make a pact with your significant other to experiment with a new sport or exercise workshop once a month – and always together. Studies show, after all, that romantic couples that exercise together are generally happier in the relationship and more attracted to their partner.


At home, fit couples might set up cardio circuit training stations with weights and a treadmill or a stationary bike. Interestingly, research also shows that if you improve your own workout consistency, your sweetheart is 50 percent more likely to do the same. (That is a surefire recipe for a happier love life.)


Kettle bells

Smart Workouts for Valentine’s Day


When you exercise, the release of endorphins, those feel-good hormones or feelings of pleasure that you release (in your brain) may create the perfect chemical mix for a vibrant and enriching love life.


Firm Up and Maintain Exercise Motivation 


– Take a golf or ski lesson from a pro

– Hire a personal trainer for two for one month of workouts

– Convert your dirty garage into a dreamy home gym

– Start a detox and diet together to support your exercise efforts



How to Make Exercising Together a Higher Priority


Set up a new home gym together for Valentine’s Day or take a wild fitness class at the new gym in town. Opti-Fit Fitness Systems can help brainstorm and create the ultimate fitness space for your school or college, or a residential fitness center.


Ask about our free fitness facility assessment and 3-dimensional gym renderings for your customized fitness space. We’ll make it your happiest Valentine’s Day ever.

It’s the busiest travel season of the year, and many folks are visiting over long holiday weekends. Whether you are hosting the celebrations this year or flying around the country to join in, you may not have access to your normal gym routine, and may also have to work late and entertain.

Don’t ditch your calorie and stress-relieving cardio workouts just yet. You need them more than ever.

And help is on the way: If you or a member of your family lives in a multi-family space with a fitness center, your holiday luck has officially arrived. Research the fitness centers class schedule where you’ll be and sign up for yoga classes or pay a day rate at a local rec center or YMCA.

When you can steal 15, 20 or even 25 minutes during the holiday exuberance, it may help keep excess calories (and holiday stress) at bay.

Slate Regular Exercise to Stop Holiday Stress

To avoid getting trapped into using eating or meal times as an emotional crutch, devise other soothing strategies for self-preservation. This may include:

So remember,  holiday celebrations have officially started! That’s a lot of opportunity to skip exercise and double down on Thanksgiving dessert. Don’t do it! It’s basically freezing all over the country so buy a day pass to a local YMCA or use that local multi-family fitness center to blast calories and stress. Try drinking more water during all your fat-burning cardio workouts – and save that spiked eggnog for later.

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