Making Corporate Fitness Accessible


Corporations are getting employees moving with on-site workout facilities and custom fitness programming that pays for itself in employee engagement and worker morale.


If you can build and create an attractive fitness space in or around your office, and schedule exercise time around your employees’ work schedules, business owners actually help make consistent and convenient exercise part of the normal workday – and very much contribute to the health and morale of your employees.


Original fitness centers with personal trainers and a slew of cardio machines had certainly made way for on-site yoga studios, compact weight stations and access to local courts.


Increase Employee Health and Morale


Despite economic challenges, the demand for on-site facility fitness opportunities is continuing to increase, according to Corporate Wellness Magazine. If you’re considering a new exercise space in your office, it probably falls directly on your company’s capital to recreate tight spaces, so budget, footage obstacles and security will contribute to the creation of your ultimate corporate wellness areas.


When regular exercise amenities enter the picture – including personal training and group fitness classes – your office exercise facility may also significantly increase worker performance and concentration with stress relief classes like yoga, tai chi and meditation programming.


Think Exercise Quality, Not Quantity


The ultimate goal is to help make working out convenient and accessible for all of your customers and residents. Design staples typically include an inviting setting, natural light and a variety of equipment options at the hub of your corporate wellness center.


10 Fitness Incentives at Work


When space is at a premium, it pays to invest in fitness perks for your employees, such as personal training and employer-paid gym memberships, while still providing the basics:


  1. Access to multiple running trails
  2. Yoga and Pilates classes
  3. Rock climbing wall
  4. Juice bars
  5. Healthy bistro fare
  6. Pool access at a local YMCA
  7. Weight loss competitions
  8. Charity walks
  9. Resistance bands and balls
  10. Company bowling leagues


Opti-Fit offers an innovative suite of consulting and project management services to deliver your vision for office-based facilities and corporate wellness operations, from concept to completion. Contact us for a free site assessment.

Elliptical trainers boost your business


You’re overdue. If you are looking for commercial ellipticals Opti-fit is the top fitness distributor in both California and Nevada. We also stock home gym equipment and offer full design and consultation services for your new fitness facility.

Whether you’re a beginner looking for a moderate interval workout, or want to challenge different muscles groups, there’s an elliptical workout for you.



5 Benefits of Elliptical Cross-Training

1    Smooth motions and low-impact aerobics is easier on the joints of your lower body than a run or higher impact activity

2    Moderate elliptical workouts blast similar calories to a similar jog or a very brisk walk efficiently

3   One study found that runners’ legs felt more tired after using the elliptical than a comparable treadmill – the rate of exertion just seems easier on ellipticals

4   Sculpt your thighs, butt and hips, in particular, with posture tweaks in every workout

5    Preset equipment options on our commercial elliptical machines offer many settings in order to offer variety



We service California and Nevada







Several effective, super-fun elliptical workouts for every fitness level, and every kind of commercial elliptical cross-trainer out there:


Booty Workouts Target glutes and hamstrings by playing with the incline on the elliptical. This elliptical booty workout will help you tone your backside while also getting a good cardio workout. Really give your backside a good workout by focusing on keeping your heels down while you’re on the machine.


Forward and Back Pedaling forward you work the thighs and front of the legs – backwards targets more your hamstrings and butt. A great way to challenge your core stability is to let go of the handles while keeping your pace steady.


Opti-fit also designs your space while partnering with your architects, interior designers and contractors to fully optimize your fitness amenities and  building design. With our specialized process, we can provide realistic renderings of your facility while bringing a strong sense of detail and accuracy to your fitness space.

Design Solutions in California and Nevada


And even beyond that. Opti-Fit Fitness design and consulting services is a one-stop fitness shop with 20 years of design services, exercise outfitting and machine installation experience.


We have partnered with thousands of clients in the planning, supply and ongoing maintenance of fitness equipment all over the United States.


Amazing Las Vegas installation at the Four Seasons Hotel



Opti-Fit also specializes in applying practical knowledge of human movement based  on the science of the body’s biomechanics to provide the most effective solution to meet your fitness needs, whether that is in a multi-family residential gym, a commercial personal training facility or even your local day spa or college fitness center.


We partner with architects, interior designers and contractors to build fitness amenites into your design. With our specialized process, we provide realistic 3D renderings of your future site.


 Multi-Family Fitness Centers


Through the design process, we help conceptualize your fitness space and market to prospective clients prior to grand openings, which can be used in your marketing campaigns and social media initiatives/


Read Customer Testimonials 


Opti-Fit has perfected our tried and true formula to focus on delivering superior results regardless of budget or size of project. You may find our design and fitness center services in:



Las Vegas


Reno, NV


Los Angeles




San Diego


San Francisco





Well-Fit in No-Cal is a groundbreaking turnkey solution






We offer consulting and continues throughout the solution lifecycle touching every aspect from exercise maintenance, supply, and ancillary revenue opportunities. Reach out for a free design consultation.

Equipping College Gyms and Athletic Teams


College Athletic Departments that support collegiate-level sports teams are competitive when it comes to designing revolutionary fitness spaces to attract future athletes and keep their student body healthy, happy and fit.


Big-time college athletic departments and state-of-the-art training facilities are raking in more money than ever – and spending it just as quickly.


Very often we build, design and develop entertainment wings in schools or universities with attractions more commonly seen in glittery theme parks than on college campuses.


Just in Time for College Tours…  


Check out where the sports teams exercise. Some of these exclusive athletic training centers in college facilities are for athletes only, while others are open to all students. Your school is probably spending a whole lot of green on equipment for top athletic training and state-of-the art athletic performance facilities.


To remain competitive and attract top athletes and revenue, you might see a college football stadium and basketball arena with elaborate practice facilities, professional-quality locker rooms, players’ lounges with high-definition televisions and video game systems. 


We Design and Outfit University Fitness Centers


No matter where you attend college, your school is probably spending a whole wad of annual budget on the athletic training center and customized fitness programming, especially for the school football team.


Ranked university football team gyms tend to have higher caliber demands based on the level of cross training and pure athletic performance involved in their sport.


Imagine the well-stocked 2-story weight room, hydrotherapy tubs and rehab equipment, water walls, amphitheaters and Olympic-level aquatic centers.


That’s just the beginning of creating state-of-the-art fitness spaces for universities and college sports teams.


Fitness and wellness amenities in college gyms:


– Imported wood for custom flooring

– A barbershop and a salon

– A basketball and baseball stadium

– Sauna and steam room

– Student pool with a lazy river and rafts

– Sand volleyball courts, and more



Quality Athletic Centers for College Sports Teams


On-campus stadiums, volleyball courts, soccer fields, golf practice facilities and ice hockey arenas are often built on funds derived from powerhouse football teams and men’s basketball teams.


As the primary revenue-driver, however, the football team is usually the first to get the facilities upgrade. Every improvement is considered a recruiting edge, from the deluxe locker room to the scoreboard.


We design and equip your fitness facilities with top-of-the line exercise equipment brands and facilitate a collaborative design process. Contact Opti-Fit Fitness Solutions for a free consultation and start creating the monumental college gym of the future. And the future is now.

Happy July 4th!


High-intensity interval training (HIIT) combines cardio activities – like running – with strength-training moves or lower-intensity exercises (like bench presses) for another interval, and you go back and forth.


In addition to supporting heart and brain health, much research proves that  fast-paced HIIT workouts can help you tone up and prevent exercise boredom.


Keep in mind: The whole point of high-intensity training is to kick up the intensity of your whole workout but especially the cardio elements for additional fat burning before the beach. Too late – it’s here!


HIIT Kickstarts Exercise Intensity


Alternating short bursts of intense activity with longer intervals at a much lower intensity blasts fat and calories, say our fitness experts. Athletes traditionally use interval HIIT training to improve performance – and picking the right moves to bounce between is key.


Bursts of speed and plyometrics can build strength and power by working your fast-twitch muscle fibers (the ones involved in quick, explosive movements), while dynamic moves like power lunges can challenge muscular endurance and perceived exercise exertion.


No Equipment Needed for HIIT


But it is more fun with lots of gym machines and moves thrown in. High-intensity busts in a HIIT workout might include intervals on a rower or stationary bike followed by anything plyometric like jumping lunges or mountain climbers to sharply increase your heart rate and exercise intensity.


Since summer bathing suit season arrived all-too quickly this year, we’ve scoped out the most effective, calorie-torching HIIT workouts across the web. And whether you do most of your physical fitness training at the gym, at your multi-family fitness space or even at the pool, you will get into synch with summer by smashing fat and calories with HIIT training once or twice a week in addition to your regular exercise regimen.


Here are some of our favorite HIIT workouts for a long summer holiday, get ripped!


HIIT Training With Dumbbells


More Fat-Blasting HIIT Workouts


Are You Doing HIIIT Correctly?


Have a happy, healthy and very fit summer season!

Maybe a New Home Gym?

The man in your life deserves to stay fit and healthy. FOr dad, the best way to get into shape is by taking his workouts outside this month and using outdoor recreational fitness equipment as often to sustain.

Outdoor fitness equipment and recreational exercises – like basketball courts, mini rock walls and outdoor weight circuits – will get dad and everyone in the family beach-ready in record time.


If you don’t see them already, you are going to start seeing a proliferation of sophisticated outdoor recreational equipment in cities and local playgrounds near you. What’s new? Everything from aquatic centers and new basketball courts to tamper-proof steel ab press machines near a set of adult parallel bars.

 Weatherproof and Tamperproof Equipment


Fitness machines and bolted, steel workout stations are popping up in green spaces in parks to promote wellness in local communities and to help in the fight against child and adult overweight and obesity.


The next time you are in a neighborhood park., take a good hard look around and see if there are grownup playground items adjacent or close to the kids’ areas.  You might find body weight exercises done in a circuit training format or within different cardio and strength stations can provide a complete workout – especially if you finish your playground workout with a brisk walk or run around the park to torch additional fat and calories.


5 Reasons for Dad to Use Recreational Equipment

He trains longer. Studies show exercise participants are likely to work out longer when they are outside in nature, resulting in burning roughly 5-7 percent more calories during outside exercise.

He trains harder. The rugged or varied terrain of a park might be just what your body needs to challenge itself to learn a new skill, like hanging upside down on a set of adult monkey bars. Get crazy, be confident, do more cardio!

He soothes stress. Outdoor exercise battles work stress. According to a report published in Environmental Science and Technology a 30-minute walk in the park made 71 percent of active people in the study feel “significantly less stressed,” while 72 percent of people who exercised inside actually felt more stressed.

He is the best role model.  You serve as instant wellness role model to your kids, your family and your office mates. That’ll keep you sweating and inspiring all season long.

He avoids getting sick. Indoor air is two to five time more polluted than outdoor air, according to a study from the Environmental Protection Agency, so you may just sidestep cold season by perspiring in the park instead of your favorite gym class.


We’ve developed a reputation for tough equipment that provides real workouts to even the fittest of users. At the same time our innovative, built-in assist mechanisms make our equipment accessible to all fitness levels. We work closely with our clients to create and deliver the optimal fitness experience.

We design your space while partnering with your architects, interior designer and contractors to fully optimize your fitness amenity into your building design. With our specialized process, we can provide realistic renderings of your facility while bringing a strong sense of detail and accuracy to your fitness space.

Call today for your facility’s free design assessment.

Modern Outdoor Fitness Stations


You may find all kinds of new, modern outdoor fitness stations along the walking paths, parks and trails near your home. If not today, then very soon. Neighborhood playgrounds are natural homes for  commercial, recreational exercise machines, and they are now designed to incorporate all the elements of a well-rounded fitness routine (cardio, core, strength, flexibility) into outdoor fitness stations for users of all abilities and fitness levels.


what is the best outdoor fitness equipmentLook closely: We offer innovative pieces of outdoor workout equipment to meet every community’s health and wellness goals. And if you can get your teens or older children to join you on the monkey bars or the balance beam, then you have accomplished even more than exercise. In or out of the gym, you’ve shown that there’s always a time and a place to schedule exercise for your own health and wellness.


Be an Exercise Role Model


Many parks and recreation departments across the country are investing big-time into playground fitness equipment for grownups, including everything from aquatic centers and new basketball courts to a tamper-proof steel bench press in the local park. With fitness machines and gear popping up in green spaces in parks great way to promote wellness and fight obesity with exercise equipment that’s social in nature, fun to use and accessible for almost everyone.


Your Ultimate Outdoor Recreation Equipment



Tougher than steel
Made of durable steel and plastic materials. The connections and resistance mechanisms are tamper-resistant We provide rugged and tamperproof multi-gyms for real exercisers designed with correct biomechanics in mind, plus they are weather-proofed and tested.



Available to the public
Our safe and highly functional machines can be installed almost anywhere, and they are attractive to all fitness levels – and at zero cost to you.



Build community
Meeting at the park to workout with friends on outdoor fitness multi-gyms gives members of your family and extended community access to safe, all-weather outdoor exercise.


Preventing injuries
You get a full body workout without risk of injury. Body weight exercises done in a circuit training format or within different cardio and strength stations can provide a complete workout – especially if you finish with a brisk walk or run around the park to torch more fat and calories.



Motivate and get moving
Outdoor recreational cardio and weight machines are helpful to seniors and kids who may be walking or playing in the park and need to step up their exercise efforts. Most of the year, it’s always more pleasant to work out outside if you can glean the same results.


All-Weather Commercial Equipment Options

Opti-fit Fitness Systems is a trusted source of commercial fitness equipment indoors and outdoors, and delivers commercial quality exercise equipment in a rugged, tamperproof and water-proof package. With numerous exercise machine options, these durable steel and hydraulic machines will turn your outdoor activity area into the next generation of parks or playgrounds for adults and their families. And you can’t do better than that.

Exercise “Experiences” in the Bay Area

The beautiful Bay Area’s new leader in health and wellness innovation, Well-Fit is inspired by the vibrant, forward-thinking regional community in Northern California – and the exceptional outdoor environment. The company specializes in creating unique and motivating exercise experiences where people live, work and play in a more natural, active community.




We help clients build and operate successful fitness businesses and fitness facilities for corporate wellness, commercial health clubs, and many more categories, says Well-Fit founder Warren Gendel. He and his team help clients build and operate successful outdoor and natural exercise businesses and top-of-the-line fitness facilities.


Specializing in Corporate Fitness

Our company boot camps, team building workshops and yoga classes energize employees. Our High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) programs kick it up a notch with a full-range of movement at a fast clip to accelerate goal achievement. Whether you’re improving strength, stamina, balance, flexibility, mobility, power or speed, you’ll see immediate, measurable results from these sessions.


Well-Fit facilities set to open in 2018

Our extensive portfolio features  small-group group fitness and athletic training workouts that can be delivered onsite or offsite — anywhere the client wants to get people moving. Innovative fitness programs and classes include a lecture and workshop series to help employees learn about and maintain a healthier, fitter lifestyle.


Our Businesses are Build on Strong Partnerships


Based on your custom fitness facility goals and programming needs, the fleet of Well-Fit experts and designers will present detailed conceptual renderings. These renderings will then be developed into full-scale, 2D or 3D layouts to provide you with a complete picture of your future commercial fitness center.


Entrepreneur and founder of Well-Fit, Warren Gendel brings experience and expertise to help clients build and operate successful exercise businesses and fitness facilities for corporate wellness, commercial health clubs and residential health clubs and fitness programming. He says, “We offer operations reviews, day-to-day personnel management and proprietary technology systems to deliver solid results and return on investment.”


Portfolio of recent high-tech installations


Just as Opti-Fit has been doing for decades, Well-Fit also collaborates with clients, architects and project managers to maximize facility infrastructure and ensure appropriate space for equipment, mix of exercise modalities and your desired fitness experience.

Read the whole article here and plan your visit to the Bay Area soon.





Convenient and Customized Exercise


Businesses are getting employees moving and grooving with on-site workout facilities and custom fitness programming that pays for itself in employee health, engagement and worker morale.


If you can create an attractive, efficient and inspiring office fitness space in or around your office, then you help make the idea of consistent and convenient exercise a part of the normal workday schedule.


Healthier offering in the company cafeteria, group fitness classes and period company-wide weight-loss “challenges” all contribute to the health and engagement of your employees. Demand for on-site facility fitness opportunities is continuing to increase, according to Corporate Wellness Magazine.


If you’re considering a new exercise space in your office, it probably falls directly on your company’s capital to create these spaces, so budget, space obstacles and facility security contribute to the creation of your ultimate corporate wellness areas.

Accessible, Appropriate Workout Spaces


When regular exercise amenities enter the picture – including personal training and group fitness classes – your office exercise facility may increase worker performance via stress relief and improved concentration.


As Opti-Fit engages and helps craft your customized corporate fitness space, we literally create the visual mission statement showing your company’s commitment to all of its employees. Design staples your corporate fitness space will likely include a flexibility area, a variety of strength and cardio equipment options, plus an inviting atmosphere.


 Time to Go Green?


Our ultimate goal is to help you make exercising and healthy choices very convenient and accessible. We will analyze and investigate your specific employee or tenant demographic. Design staples include a flexible space, a variety of equipment options, and an inviting setting.


Fitness facilities may come with environmental perks these days. By eliminating the need for your employees to drive offsite to exercise, you reduce their carbon footprint. Green cleaning, recycled flooring and low VOC paints are at the forefront of the green building movement.


Opti-Fit offers an innovative suite of consulting services and project management to deliver your vision for office-based facilities and operations, from concept to completion.