Introducing the Matrix Intelligent Training Console

Looking to upgrade your workout facility to an exceptional level? Well, invest in Intelligent Training Console. It works for both newcomers and enthusiasts by offering a highly connected and guided strength training session. Members highlight their fitness goals, get a step-by-step guide, and pick out their preferred weight before starting a personalized and progressive fitness…

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Matrix Fitness Entered Into A Strategic Partnership With iFit

Matrix Fitness and iFit

Matrix Fitness one of the global leaders in commercial and premium home fitness equipment has entered into a strategic partnership with iFit, which is at the forefront globally in interactive, connected fitness technology and content to incorporate iFit’s proprietary workout platform to the Matrix home fitness portfolio. The collaboration is intended to reinforce Matrix’s innovative…

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Custom Dumbbells to Customized Your Workout

Custom Dumbbells

Getting The Most From Every Workout Did you know custom dumbbells can be customized to match your particular physical preferences in regards to workout, maximizing the results you get out from what you put in.  Each workout you do will hone, tone, and maximize your muscle; and the sky is the limit on how far…

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Home Gym Solutions to Keep You Fit

Gyms, fitness centers, and health clubs have varieties of cardio, free weights, and weight-training equipment to enable users to pursue their fitness goals. However, in the wake of the recent coronavirus pandemic, people can no longer visit these fitness facilities. Home gyms are now a go-to option for people who want to remain fit. Setting…

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Virtual Workouts in the Commercial Markets

Personal training is always evolving, and a recent survey indicates that in-person personal training is declining. On the other hand, virtual training is rising rapidly. In fact, by the year 2022, the virtual fitness market is expected to reach $329 billion. Virtual fitness is a blend of exercise with technology, and these workouts are just…

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Sports and Fitness Flooring, the Sensible Choice for Your Gym

opti-fit sells ecore athletic flooring

Ecore offers a range of sports and athletics flooring choice for your gym, fitness center, or outdoor area. People expect to see specialized flooring in places they use to workout or practice in. With options that range from rubber, to rug, to fully poured synthetics Ecore has all of your fitness flooring needs covered. Everlast…

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Small Group Training Treadmill

opti-fit sells matrix fitness in las vegas and california

Do you often find your housing community gym dark and empty? It may be time to mix things up to re-establish interest in your multi-housing fitness center. And one of the best ways to do that is by incorporating small group training classes into your mix of local activities. In this guide, we’ll talk about…

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Core Launches New Star Trac Products

Star Trac TRX Freerunner

Star Trac has come out with a new line of cutting edge high-quality equipment for your gym. One improvement includes an all-new suspension system on the 10 TRX Freerunner treadmill. The other update for 2019 is the new 19-inch touch console called, 2019 Star Trac 19 Inch Capacitive Touch Openhub Console. Star Trac machines are…

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Product Introductory: Matrix Glute Trainer

opti-fit sells matrix fitness

Are you tired of doing endless squats, lunges, and deadlifts in an attempt to literally get your butt in shape? Enter the Glute Trainer. This plate-loaded machine is specifically designed to help you get the firm, toned glutes you’ve always wanted. Created by the fitness equipment powerhouse, Matrix, you can rest assured that it’s made with…

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