Looking to upgrade your workout facility to an exceptional level? Well, invest in Intelligent Training Console. It works for both newcomers and enthusiasts by offering a highly connected and guided strength training session.

Members highlight their fitness goals, get a step-by-step guide, and pick out their preferred weight before starting a personalized and progressive fitness program. With this kind of help, you can be confident that members will attain their physical transformation target more effectively within a reasonable period.

What more should you expect from this incredible training console?

Users will access an 8-12 week personalized fitness program ideal for starters and experienced strength training individuals. The program provides a training experience that helps members achieve Strength, Endurance, or Build goals. Those new in this field or who are hardly making any progress should take advantage of this program to efficiently rebuild their physique.

Want to build lean muscles? This intelligent training console program will guides users through numerous repetitions with minimal weight. It’s a perfect guide for members who wish to combine strength training with cardio exercise.

On the other hand, there is a perfect guide for users who want to gain muscle mass. The program prescribes fewer repetitions with heavyweight for new and experienced strength trainers.

Want to gain strength? The program will guides users through holding heavyweight for an extended period. You will get strong and achieve lean muscles.

Your clients will access their training history thanks to the workout snapshot. Members review and track fitness progress, see results, and remain motivated to do better.

Strength is good, but strength plus speed and power are better. Members will attain their goals sooner while still enjoying the training experience.

How will you benefit from Intelligent Training Console?

An intelligent training console offers an enhanced personal workout experience. You will be amazed when your clients stick around longer after using this quality console.

You can connect the intelligent training console to your trainer portal. This feature allows you to assign workouts, create personalized training programs and check progress. It improves trainer–member engagement for better results.

The intelligent training console allows you to interact closely with your clients through a customizable interface. Every program you create represents your brand, and if you do it well, people will love it.

Who wouldn’t want a fully connected facility?

The intelligent Training Console integrates with Personal Trainer Portal and Workout Tracking Network via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. It also connects to RFID. Users will enjoy a complete and unified workout experience that is second to none.

Additional features include:

Users can draw data from their preferred fitness apps via the customizable interface. The workout tracking network allows you to manage workout schedules, guest passes, facility calendars, and client challenges. You can easily view a snapshot of users’ activity and monthly progress.

You can engage with your members via the personal trainer portal and boost your brand. Connecting the portal with the Workout Tracking Network allows you to strengthen your relationship with your clients. You will also easily tap other sources of revenue.

With asset management, you can view the status of your strength equipment on any device, provided you have a strong internet connection. It makes it easier to keep your equipment in proper condition, and your customers satisfied.

RFID ensures a smooth and easy workout experience and creates new revenue streams. It uses radio-frequency tags to make program loading, workout tracking, and check-in virtually automatic and touch-free.

Members can also use the RFID compatible machines, sales centers, and kiosks to purchase your facility’s branded stuff, snacks, and whatever else you sell.

Matrix Fitness one of the global leaders in commercial and premium home fitness equipment has entered into a strategic partnership with iFit, which is at the forefront globally in interactive, connected fitness technology and content to incorporate iFit’s proprietary workout platform to the Matrix home fitness portfolio.

The collaboration is intended to reinforce Matrix’s innovative equipment offerings and increase iFit users. This coincides with Matrix’s new touchscreen consoles launch. These are designed to offer more fitness and entertainment options to users to keep them motivated from start to finish of their workout.

Johnson Health Tech Retail Inc President Bob Zande notes that immersive and connected fitness experiences are playing a critical role in the lives of their customers. They are elated to partner with iFit since they have a proven track record in premium fitness content. Incorporation of iFit to the Matrix line avails customers top-notch content on some of the leading equipment designed for the home.

The Matrix and iFit partnership facilitates a flawless connection between Matrix users, their equipment and iFit’s renown trainers. The iFit platform is incorporated into Matrix touchscreen consoles and is available on almost all Matrix products for home users. This includes ellipticals, treadmills, recumbent bikes, upright bikes, ClimbMills and ascent trainers. This integration gives Matrix users access to iFit’s award-winning, trainer-instructed workouts that are shot in diverse, unique locations in 50 countries across all continents. Users can access exclusive and extremely immersive studio classes directed by top-notch trainers. This includes; renown Olympians, recognized athletes and motivational trainers from around the world.

Some of The Outstanding Features of The New Generation of Matrix Consoles Include;

A year of iFit membership will be incorporated into Matrix 2nd generation touchscreen consoles which will be available at matrixfitness.com, Johnson Fitness & Wellness stores and chosen speciality fitness retailers in the U.S.

Getting The Most From Every Workout

Did you know custom dumbbells can be customized to match your particular physical preferences in regards to workout, maximizing the results you get out from what you put in.  Each workout you do will hone, tone, and maximize your muscle; and the sky is the limit on how far you can push yourself.

Key Advantages Of Dumbbell And Weight Plate Workouts

For those unfamiliar with dumbbell training in general, it’s worth noting key benefits of the practice include muscle activation, increased stabilization, strength imbalance identification and elimination, increased safety through expanded musculature, a broad variety of exercise options to expand workout scope, an expanded range of motion, and greater freedom of movement.

Naturally, customized dumbbells allow you to achieve these results in a way that directly benefits you, and can be conformed to your particular physiognomy. Plus, athletic toning incorporating dumbbells has an appearance of strength to it that positions a person as exceptionally strong in the eyes of onlookers; so there’s even a collateral bonus.

Similarly, weight plates allow for a high degree of customization, muscular stabilization, and individualized exercises. Many use weight plates taken from the bench press in the gym; but there are options for customization here as well that can more efficiently match your particular workout.

Customized Exercise Equipment

Now some brands don’t allow you to customize weight plates or dumbbells. Though their products are worthwhile, there’s only so much that can be done with them. However, the following brands can be optimized to fit your needs precisely:

Custom Dumbbells Through Opti-Fit

Customized dumbbells from these brands can take your workout regimen to the next level, allowing you to achieve breakthroughs you may not have realized were possible. Opti-Fit offers custom dumbbells which allow you to take such close control over your athletic development.

Contact us to get a better idea what’s available, in-depth advantages of our products, and how best to optimize your performance with every workout.

Gyms, fitness centers, and health clubs have varieties of cardio, free weights, and weight-training equipment to enable users to pursue their fitness goals. However, in the wake of the recent coronavirus pandemic, people can no longer visit these fitness facilities.

Home gyms are now a go-to option for people who want to remain fit. Setting up a home gym seems expensive for many people, but it’s not entirely true; it all depends on your particular fitness goals and preferred exercises. Here are some viable home gym solutions:

Buying Fitness Equipment

Your fitness routines and preferences should help you choose the ideal gym equipment. For some, it would help to look for manufacturers offering all-in-one fitness gym bundles. The packages comprise readymade solutions for a home gym, ranging in price. Bundles allow you to make a single purchase and get access to many different pieces of equipment and exercise options.

If a bundle package isn’t right for you, here are some additional home gym equipment options to consider:

  1. Gym Equipment for Cardio Exercises

If cardio is your primary fitness source, you may consider an investment in a single piece of equipment such as a treadmill, elliptical, spin cycle, stairclimber, etc.   Treadmills are often a popular choice. With a treadmill, you can perform basic cardio workouts like jogging, running, or walking, but if you’re looking for high-intensity interval training equipment, consider a piece of speciality cardio equipment that could be  more effective for you.

For those that prefer step-based exercises, there are many options available.  Climbmills, stairsteppers, and vertical climbers can occupy minimal space and are suitable for HIIT workouts or other aerobic conditioning. Mix in some jump ropes, resistant bands, and a yoga mat to increase variety to your cardio regimen.

  1. Strength Training Equipment

Your home gym is not complete without strength training equipment. Strength training exercises target specific muscle groups to improve muscular fitness. Many prefer free weights and equipment like the barbells, dumbbells, medicine balls, and kettlebells – all available in different sizes, shapes, and weights. Others prefer weight machines such as functional trainers, multi-station units, or selectorized equipment.  Whichever your preference, including strength training equipment to your home gym can round out any fitness routine.

Leverage At-Home Workout Videos and Apps

Looking for prescribed workouts or a fitness professional to help guide you through?  There are more free workout apps and videos available than ever. Prerecorded instructor videos can last from 5-45 minutes, and provide a full workout session for many home fitness routines. These apps and videos help you perform a range of exercises, including high-intensity interval training, boxing, barre, pilates exercises, etc.

In today’s environment, set up a gym at home by looking for compact exercise equipment that is easy to use and store. And, select an instructional workout video or app that suits your particular workout style.

Personal training is always evolving, and a recent survey indicates that in-person personal training is declining. On the other hand, virtual training is rising rapidly. In fact, by the year 2022, the virtual fitness market is expected to reach $329 billion.

Virtual fitness is a blend of exercise with technology, and these workouts are just the same workouts that you know or love. However, they are designed for convenience to suit your schedule. Typically, these workouts are played on big screens in the gym. Some clubs have prescheduled these workouts, which enable members to engage in these activities whenever they want.

In the 90’s the fitness industry mainly involved one-on-one personal training, mainly because it meant that you were an important person. However, just like all other trends, this fitness trend changed. Over the last decade, there has been a boom in the fitness industry. Today, there are new technologies, fitness apps, and disruptive services, which can be customized to fit the commercial markets. Therefore, members can do the same workouts they enjoy at the club. Additionally, they can get access to classes that they cannot find online. The live-streamed classes allow them to interact with others.

The Future of Virtual Fitness

The Trip

This is an immersive workout that combines a cycling workout and a journey through a digitally-created world. This creates a cinema-like experience. Trip helps motivate and take the energy output to the next level.

This workout enables the commercial market to provide consumers with something unique and memorable. Additionally, most millennials and Gen Z members are always looking for such experiences in the club, not just working out. The Trip can also help members new to fitness to see results much faster without feeling like they’re overexerting their bodies.


This is a 30-minutes workout using an indoor bike. This high-intensity workout is an effective way for club members to workout and see results. Each sprint workout uses the latest music and fitness training techniques to push members to workout hard. It also combines bursts of intensity with short breaks to rest and prepare for the next effort.

Spending 30 minutes doing a sprint workout will drive the body to burn calories. While it’s a challenging workout, it pays off eventually. This type of workout is ideal for those who enjoy RPM but seek a new challenge.


This world-leading cardio cycle workout simulates climbs and sprints to improve cardio fitness and also burn calories. In fact, this workout can burn nearly 700 calories in a session. There’s great music to pump the members, and they can spin as one. This helps one to reach their cardio peak and keep pace with the pack.

Bottom Line

There’s enough proof that the sensory experience brought along by modern technology can help. Through modern technology, commercial markets can deliver a world-class experience regardless of whether the client is in person.

For more information on virtual workouts in the your commercial facility contact Opti-fit.

Ecore offers a range of sports and athletics flooring choice for your gym, fitness center, or outdoor area. People expect to see specialized flooring in places they use to workout or practice in. With options that range from rubber, to rug, to fully poured synthetics Ecore has all of your fitness flooring needs covered.

Everlast Collection

The Everlast collection comes as rolls or tiles that have been made of specially designed rubber for your fitness center. There are three levels of the Everlast fitness flooring product:

Performance Collection

The performance collection consists of flooring applications that include shock absorbent padding underneath. They all come in a range of color choices, except the turf; the turf is available in grass green only. The flooring choices include:

Elevate Collection

opti-fit sells flooring for corporate gymsThis collection is meant for areas of the gym that still need that shock absorbing feel that you would like to make more aesthetically pleasing for customers. These flooring choices will go in entryways, locker rooms, auxiliary rooms (game, meditation, or yoga) and the like.

If you are looking for the best sports and fitness flooring in the business check out the Opti-Fit’s website today. You will find all of the choices above as well as additional products such as fillers, pads, poured systems, and how to go about customizing your selections. If you have any question give Opti-Fit call today at 888-601-4350.

Do you often find your housing community gym dark and empty? It may be time to mix things up to re-establish interest in your multi-housing fitness center. And one of the best ways to do that is by incorporating small group training classes into your mix of local activities.

In this guide, we’ll talk about a few of the benefits and types of this unique style that can be used for everything from strength training to basic cardio. Learn more about just how engaging it can be for your tenants.

Two Benefits of Small Group Training

1. More Personal Instruction

Although it’s a class setting, small group training provides the opportunity for teachers to instruct students on movement types and correct them on any mistakes they may be making. The more people in a class, the more difficult it can be for an instructor to monitor how everyone is doing. In a more focused group of individuals, attendees are more likely to get a quality workout experience that is more catered to their needs.

2. Establish a Friendly & Motivating Atmosphere

Smaller classes offer the chance for people to make new friends and develop relationships. As those friendships grow, members of the class will begin to motivate one another to work harder, attend every session, and reach their fitness goals.

Some Types of Small Group Training


This type of workout has a cult-like following of people who strive to complete a number of various movements or workouts within a specified amount of time. It is usually a high-intensity strength training exercise that includes everything from pull-ups and push-ups to squats and weightlifting. Due to its rotating nature, CrossFit can be done with everything from used fitness equipment to brand new exercise machines.

Indoor Cycling

Also known as “spin class”, this is one of the most popular types of small group training. An instructor leads individuals on stationary bicycles changing up the pace, incline, and intensity every few minutes. They can be highly motivating and stand as a great form of cardio for people of all skill levels.


While walking or running on a treadmill may seem like something you would do on your own, there is new commercial gym equipment available like the T5xGT Group Training Treadmill which has multiple features designed for a group setting. Class members can set their own goals and take part in challenges via the innovative LED console. Users can log in to the machine, complete their workout, and share the accomplish straight to their social media feed.

Need Help Boosting Your Community Gym?

If you’re struggling to get people into your multi-housing fitness center, offering a few small group training classes can be a great way to increase engagement and interest. Along with these fun sessions, consider adding new commercial gym equipment to upgrade any of your outdated or broken down equipment.

For more information about the benefits of a functional community gym or for details about our great products, be sure to check out our blog!

Star Trac has come out with a new line of cutting edge high-quality equipment for your gym. One improvement includes an all-new suspension system on the 10 TRX Freerunner treadmill. The other update for 2019 is the new 19-inch touch console called, 2019 Star Trac 19 Inch Capacitive Touch Openhub Console.

Star Trac machines are well known in the fitness industry for use in light commercial and commercial gyms. Centers and hotels that have them will advertise that as a selling point to customers.

People love Star Trac machines because they always use the latest technology in the mechanics of the machine. They make sure that users have a comfortable; as comfortable as you can be while sweating, experience. And they are always updating their engagement and entertainment consoles.

The new 10 TRX Freerunner uses HexDeck technology, patented by Star Trac. The treadmill has an aluminum deck with a hexagonal polymer suspension system. Users love the feel of the new deck, they have said that it feels like “butter,” and that it substantially decreases joint pain from running.

The treadmill also has the Star Trac HotBar, for controlling speed and elevation with the touch of a finger. It has a maximum 20% incline and 15 mph speed.

The 10TRX Freerunner treadmill also comes equipped with the new 19-inch touch screen HubSpot. The 19-inch removes the need to have a PVS (personal viewing system) attached to your workout units. This is a significant cost savings for gym owners.

The 19-inch touchscreen is firmly attached to the equipment as the console. There are no extraneous pieces or exposed wiring that a customer could potentially injure themselves with or damage somehow. The console is set up like a smart TV with Bluetooth, and there is a place to charge phones as well.

Why not keep your gym on top of the trends at reasonable prices with Opti-Fit? Opti-Fit is a full-service health club distributor; services include equipment choices, club design, and equipment procurement. Opti-Fit wants to make sure your gym is a big success visit our website, or give us a call at 888-601-4350 to see what we can do for you today!

Are you tired of doing endless squats, lunges, and deadlifts in an attempt to literally get your butt in shape? Enter the Glute Trainer. This plate-loaded machine is specifically designed to help you get the firm, toned glutes you’ve always wanted.

Created by the fitness equipment powerhouse, Matrix, you can rest assured that it’s made with high-quality materials. Opti-Fit has added this effective machine to their supply of commercial fitness equipment for businesses across California and the Las Vegas area.

Read on to learn about the benefits of this Matrix fitness machine and see how it would make a great addition to your gym or fitness center.

Comfortable Design

This glute trainer was made to mimic the movement of a hip thrust while taking out the annoyance of free weights. Instead of trying to balance a heavy barbell across your pelvis, you can simply add your desired weight, step into the adjustable hip pad, and get to work.

The raised foot platform is angled and layered with a non-slip material to provide a steady foundation to keep your glutes fully engaged. Users will be able to get off the machine just as easily as they get in thanks to the open-sided entry and exit point.

Made for Everyone

Just about anyone who goes to the gym can use the Matrix Trainer thanks to its limited restrictions. Users up to 350 pounds are able to operate it effectively due to the build and strong components.

With a starting resistance weight as low as 50 pounds, added weight plates can bring this number up to 225 pounds. While additional bands can also be used, making the weight reach a maximum resistance of up to 500 pounds.

A combination of both weights and resistance bands make this an explosive workout with a range of movement options. Anyone looking to tone up their glutes is sure to see results with this powerful piece of commercial fitness equipment.

Add One to Your Gym Today!

Want to add a Matrix Glute trainer to your fitness center in California or Las Vegas? Opti-Fit has this and a range of a variety of other fitness products to fit your needs.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our cardio equipment, strength training machines, and more!