There’s no denying that the past decade has seen major developments in fitness. But we expect more innovation and new trends in the coming decade.

Rowing Workout

A rowing machine works out multiple muscles improving your overall health. It’s low impact therefore suitable for all fitness levels and ages. It’s a piece of equipment that mimics the motion of a rowing boat, hence giving you a full-body workout.

It’s perfect for muscle building and toning, weight loss, and increasing stamina. This machine works out major muscle groups on your upper and lower body. Using a rowing machine gives you an excellent aerobic workout, which is great for your heart and lungs.

More Virtual Fitness Equipment

The virtual concept is expected to develop and expand in the coming year. Fitness equipment manufacturers are expected to develop more and diverse equipment with in-built virtual training concepts. This includes indoor cycles, x-trainers, and treadmills.

Currently, equipment such as treadmills have incorporated virtual reality immersing users into a virtual running experience by allowing them to run alongside a partner. This avails an assisted approach for those who need more motivation to stay focused.

High Tech Fitness Boutiques

These studios are expected to continue growing in 2020. They offer the luxury of holding sessions for smaller groups. Fitness professionals also specialize in particular exercises, thus increasing the chances of success.

High-tech fitness equipment designed to improve the efficacy of your workouts is widely available in these studios. This may include electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) suits, other machines, and wearables.

Working out in a boutique ensures that you get individual attention. Workouts can be designed depending on your individual needs. You also perform better when you are in a small group.

More Kickboxing

If you hate the monotony of cardio workouts, you may want to consider kickboxing in 2020. This is a more high-energy and motivating routine. This is a workout that combines martial arts techniques and heart-pumping cardio.

Whether you’re fitness geek or newbie, undertaking a kickboxing workout can help you burn calories, reduce stress, improve coordination, boost your energy, and give you better posture.

High-Intensity Low Impact Training (HILIT)

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is still quite popular. However, high-intensity low impact training is expected to gain more popularity in the coming year. It is a variation of HIIT that still gives you an intense workout, but is more gentle to the body.

The benefits of HIIT workouts are well-known and include boosting metabolism, high-calorie burn, and improving heart health. However, HIIT is physically taxing hence not suitable for people at all fitness levels and for those with health problems. HILIT still avails to you the benefits of a HIIT workout, but in a low impact environment that lessens stress on your joints and other body parts.

Customized Fitness Programs and Products

We have different bodies and are at different fitness levels; therefore fitness isn’t one-size-fits-all. You may love boxing, but Pilates may be a more effective option for you. This is why we expect more customization in fitness programs and products in the coming year.

Tailored fitness programs and products may cost you more but are more effective. This is quite beneficial for people with specific fitness needs since it would help them reach their fitness and health goals more easily.

Functional Training Rigs

Growing demand for functional training rigs such as climbing frames will make them more accessible in the coming year. With improved designs and availability in a range of sizes, functional training rigs allow users to have multiple workouts. You can lift weights, stretch, and climb in one space.