outdoor gymCOVID has spawned one thing consistently in 2020 — and that’s the creativity of business owners in meeting rapidly changing regulations and consumer demand. One of those changing areas has been the advent of the “outdoor gym.” To be clear, outdoor exercise equipment has existed for a long time, but people in rainier climates like San Francisco often avoided it due to moisture, while people in hot dry climates like Las Vegas avoided outdoor exercise due to heat.

Now that indoor gyms are mostly closed, outdoor workouts are the latest fad. To capitalize on this you’ll need to understand the latest design options when creating your outside gyms and classes during COVID 19.

Designing your Unique Outdoor Gym

Go beyond simple product selection with a master plan. Professional gym design services can help you understand not only the best equipment for outdoors but also the best equipment for your physical space. Learn about how to set up not just 6ft apart, but with room to use your equipment correctly.

Experienced consultants will help inspect your area, incorporating square footage, lighting, budget, and much more into your initial estimate. During planning you’ll talk about the service your guests need. Will you focus more on cardio or strength training? Is your facility designed for families or singles? You’ll work to create a safe traffic flow and visibility for any instructors.

Before your build is finalized, it’s time to visualize in the design phase. Using advanced computer rendering you can picture your outdoor gym before it’s built. Your plan will be ready down to the length of cord needed to plug in that treadmill.

Understanding your Local Regulations

outdoor gymExperienced professionals will be up to date on the local laws and regulations of where they sell, but it never hurts to review in these fast-changing times. Consider if you would prefer spaced out machines or if you are willing to shut down equipment that sits too close together for current pandemic measures. You might want to set up your gym to accommodate reservations to work out instead of having open entry. Do you have space for sanitizing stations and disposable masks, additional airflow and ventilation, and full cleaning between users?

It’s a lot of information to take in when planning, which is why expert support is so important right now. Outdoor gyms are going to be important to the fitness industry for a long time to come, and now is the time to get started.

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