Star Trac has come out with a new line of cutting edge high-quality equipment for your gym. One improvement includes an all-new suspension system on the 10 TRX Freerunner treadmill. The other update for 2019 is the new 19-inch touch console called, 2019 Star Trac 19 Inch Capacitive Touch Openhub Console.

Star Trac machines are well known in the fitness industry for use in light commercial and commercial gyms. Centers and hotels that have them will advertise that as a selling point to customers.

People love Star Trac machines because they always use the latest technology in the mechanics of the machine. They make sure that users have a comfortable; as comfortable as you can be while sweating, experience. And they are always updating their engagement and entertainment consoles.

The new 10 TRX Freerunner uses HexDeck technology, patented by Star Trac. The treadmill has an aluminum deck with a hexagonal polymer suspension system. Users love the feel of the new deck, they have said that it feels like “butter,” and that it substantially decreases joint pain from running.

The treadmill also has the Star Trac HotBar, for controlling speed and elevation with the touch of a finger. It has a maximum 20% incline and 15 mph speed.

The 10TRX Freerunner treadmill also comes equipped with the new 19-inch touch screen HubSpot. The 19-inch removes the need to have a PVS (personal viewing system) attached to your workout units. This is a significant cost savings for gym owners.

The 19-inch touchscreen is firmly attached to the equipment as the console. There are no extraneous pieces or exposed wiring that a customer could potentially injure themselves with or damage somehow. The console is set up like a smart TV with Bluetooth, and there is a place to charge phones as well.

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