It’s the amenities that make a multi-housing unit stand out for people who live in Sin City. Tourists come to Las Vegas for pampering and fun but do the residents deserve any less? What are the top amenities the people of Las Vegas want n their housing communities?

1. 24-Hour Fitness Center

They are not looking for a room with a few dumbbells, either. Las Vegas multi-housing unit dwellers want something comparable to commercial gyms. The best fitness centers offer top-of-the-line equipment with high tech features like virtual instructors and multi-station or single- selectorized strength training units.

2. Outdoor Theaters

Today’s rental consumer wants to do things outdoors. An outdoor theater gives neighbors a chance to spend time together lounging in the yard and watching a movie. Add to that other outdoor spaces like a plush seating area for conversation and an outdoor club room that connects to an indoor kitchen — these are amenities that make a multi-housing unit a luxury home.

3. Cyber Cafe

Cyber Cafes provides tenants an office away from home where they can enjoy a cup of Java. It could be a mixed-use space that doubles as a sports bar in the evening. The complex brings in new revenue streams with they give tenants a way to buy something near home that they would likely get anyway somewhere else.

4. Amenities for the Pets

Multi-housing units have a lot of options when it comes to treating tenet pets like royalty. They can go all out with a pet spa on-property. It would be a spa-like room with easy to clean tiling. It should include things like large tubs and drying stations for bathing. The property might even bring in professional services two or three times a month.

Of course, most pet owners today will also expect a dog park. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Just a fenced in area with benches for pet moms and dads and plenty of running space for dog socialization and play.

5. Electric Car Charging Stations

As the world becomes more environmentally friendly, the need for charging stations will increase. Housing management companies can get a step ahead by creating tenet-only charging stations.

Without amenities, one Las Vegas housing complex looks just like the other. It’s the amenities that will draw the attention of future tenants starting with a top-notch fitness center. Check out Opti-fit to see the latest in fitness products for multi-housing units.