A 2015 study conducted by ABODO shows that a fitness center is the number one amenity people look for, so it’s something hotels and multi-housing complexes in the luxury capital of the world need to provide. Put simply, on-property gyms attract people and give them a reason to stay.

Go for the Quality

Quality matters when talking about making an investment like a fitness center. Buying state-of-the-art equipment provides a financial benefit beyond just the return on investment in hotels and multi-housing units see from a fitness center. Cheap equipment means increased service calls, constant downtime, the cost for new parts and a shorter lifespan for each machine.

The Marketing Appeal

Ultimately, a state-of-the-art fitness center is about marketing. It’s something you put in brochures and online to showcase luxury. The city of Las Vegas hosts millions of travelers yearly that are looking to maintain their fitness routines even on the road. As they shop for the best hotel, seeing a quality fitness center will seal the deal and keep them coming back with each trip.

Apartment complexes can make the fitness center one of the first stops as they show potential renters around. A well-maintained gym might be the one thing that sets them apart for all the other rental options in and around the city.

Because the Competition Has Them

Gyms and wellness centers are how hotels stay relevant in a competitive market. You see elite facilities all over the country featuring out of this world fitness centers. For instance, website  Travel and Leisure reports that Soul Cycle partnered with 1 Hotel South Beach in Miami Beach to offer guests a 2,600-square-foot facility that comes with a 54-bike studio and fitness boutique.

It’s a Convenience That Makes You Stand Out

It boils down to convenience for most travelers and residents. They save money by not having to commute to a nearby gym or pay for a membership. A fitness center creates a feeling of community and wellness like no other amenity.

There are resident retention rates attached to fitness centers along with return visits for business people and tourists visiting Las Vegas. A quality fitness center is your chance to give your audience the amenity they look for first.