Opti-Fit Fitness Solutions today announced the opening of its new, comprehensive, and versatile home gym fitness store. You can now find some of the latest fitness machines at the Opti-Fit home gym shop, including treadmills, ellipticals, and bikes. Opti-Fit will carry gym equipment from Matrix, Hoist Fitness, Intek and more.

Their designs are well-recognized around the world for their dynamic performance, high durability, and superb comfort. Matrix’s new equipment can fit in any fitness facility space and help your customers find solutions to their specific needs.

The pieces of equipment from Matrix have a refined industrial design that will give your home gym a premium aesthetic feel. They undergo thorough tests against the highest international standards on their ability to withstand long term use for several years. The pieces of equipment from Matrix are ideal for home gyms, local housing fitness centers, small hotels, and similar facilities.

The new cardio equipment feature touch screen interfaces that give the users control to the data the machine collects and content that can engage them during exercise.

The Opti-Fit home gym store will also include the home gyms from Hoist Fitness that require minimal space to install. The home gyms provide a great option to users that may not have enough room in their homes or facilities.

Moreover, users benefit from a free fitness app designed by both Matrix and Hoist Fitness systems with numerous strength training workouts. The exercises are divided into programs for beginners, intermediate, as well as advanced athletes. They have animated step by step instructions with both photos and videos. It also allows users to track their body measurements and routines.

About Opti-Fit Fitness Solutions

Opti-Fit is a commercial fitness company that provides dedicated and comprehensive fitness solutions to anyone interested in setting up their fitness facility. The company offers services that range from consultation to design and installation.

Opti-Fit Fitness Solutions can help exercisers personalize their fitness experience by ensuring that they use only top-of-the-line brands. Users acquiring their home gym equipment from Opti-Fit can benefit from quality machines, innovative planning, and competitive pricing.

For more information about the Opti-Fit home gym store, kindly reach us via Tel: 888-601-4350 or visit our website and contact your sales representative from the Team page