Whether you have purchased or plan to buy high-performance gym equipment from Matrix, you should know that Matrix equipment makes it easy for you to maximize your ROI. Most of the equipment out there will eventually earn its keep over time, but there are very few manufacturers that will further help you make the purchase worth the effort.

Asset Management

Many gym owners don’t bother to think about the life of their equipment. They hope that it will last for a long time and they repair it when something is broken. Matrix equipment will monitor itself for you. As your machine ages, it will alert you as to when you need to think about updating something, or if a part is nearing its expiration. The monitoring function will also tell you when something is wrong or not functioning properly. You can also get instant access to the product information for the equipment. Here are some handy tools that you will have when you purchase Matrix equipment:

Of each piece and your gym as a whole. This feature will tell you which pieces are members favorites, it can also tell you what product mix you should keep on the floor.


Your Matrix equipment will even do some of the marketing work for you. Members that sync up to use the workout-tracking and personal training features will receive messages when new workout tracks, trainers, or classes are uploaded to their favorite machines.

You can also allow members to personalize their experience, or you can customize it for them. These are just some of the ways that Matrix will help you to keep your gym on your member’s minds. The ore that they are thinking about it, the more likely they are to post something about it to their friends on a social media platform like Instagram or Facebook.

Matrix equipment has a lot to offer as far as maximizing your ROI on the pieces that you purchase. We strive to make our high-end workout experience the best on the market so that your members stay fit and happy at your gym. Give us a call today to find out more about maximizing your ROI.

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Fitness centers are still a must-have in any community, according to the National Apartment Association. They are the most upgraded community-wide amenity since 2014, and J Turner Research found that 46% of tenants are willing to pay a premium for centers with classes. Installation costs can thus be conveyed to residents in the form of higher rents and quickly recouped.The inclusion of well-designed centers can foster tenant interaction and cohesion, making them a property manager’s weapon of choice in today’s amenity wars. The fitness center has transformed dramatically over the decades, and an obsolete space can be a serious detriment to an apartment complex’s appeal. The fitness solution specialists at Opti-Fit shared what they perceive to be the four hallmarks of truly exceptional spaces.

1. Conscientiously designed

Conscientious professional design has become paramount as exercisers’ preferred workout modalities grow increasingly diverse and exotic. Multifamily gym footprints are often compressed to accommodate other amenities, so maximizing versatility and usability is key.

Pros accomplish this with multi-functional, movable equipment tailored to the gym’s layout. Opti-Fit’s approach emphasizes providing for all ages and experience levels to democratize the space and maintain ADA compliance.

Opti-Fit’s team partners with architects, interior designers and contractors for comprehensively delivered spaces. It uses 3D technology to ensure results meet expectations, and its renderings can be used in marketing materials and investor presentations.

2. Reflective of trends

Adapting the fitness center to various workout types has historically entailed designating certain areas for cardio, stretching and weight training, but now necessitates adding yoga, cycling and functional training areas.

Segregating these activities can prevent injuries caused by exerciser free-for-all, and imbue novice exercisers with a greater degree of confidence and comfort. Circuit trainers should be able to make their way through the gym predictably.

3. Customized and branded

The importance of branding visibility cannot be overstated. By using easily recognized, top-of-the-line equipment, multifamily groups can differentiate themselves from competing apartments. Opti-Fit favors Matrix, Star Trac, Nautilus, Stairmaster, Schwinn and TRX.

Similarly, property managers proud of their gyms can plaster their own logo and colors around the space, drawing attention to the people maintaining and providing the gym. This can promote retention and loyalty.

4. Full of light, ambiance and outdoor space

Fitness centers should not be utilitarian, windowless, fluorescently lit and predominantly concrete. Many exercisers want a more lifestyle-oriented, relaxing atmosphere that motivates and makes exercise a pleasure rather than a chore.

Incorporating outdoor space (if climate permits) and natural light by taking advantage of sweeping views on a top floor can help accomplish this.

Opti-Fit stresses and commits to the upkeep of fitness centers, and manages them with routine maintenance, safety checks, equipment forecasting and asset replenishment recommendations.

Courtesy: Bisnow