Strength equipment is the heart and soul of any fitness center. Not all brands are created equally, though, Some have a well-deserved reputation as the top in the industry. Consider two that meet that standard.

Matrix Fitness

Matrix is a child company of Johnson Health Tech founded in 1975 by Peter Lo. Today, Matrix is an award-winning manufacturer of strength training products. In 2017, they won the FirtProf brand of the year award and in 2018, the Plus X Best Customer Satisfaction award.

Matrix Fitness offers both residential and commercial strength training equipment. They make single-station and multi-station products along with free weights, plate-loaded and accessories.

What Makes Matrix Stand Out?

It’s the intuitive design that puts Matrix strength equipment at the fore the front in the industry. There are five series and each comes with distinct features. The Ultra and Versa series offer ergonomic grips, for example. Aura, on the other hand, is known for its aesthetic designs and Urgo Form cushions. With the Magnum series, you’ll be impressed by the Breaker Benches which eliminating the need for assistance to break the bar.

Atlantis Fitness

For 35 plus years, Atlantis has been making only strength equipment. That singular focus has made them one of the best in the industry. The company was founded by Canadian bodybuilding champion Raymond Sansoucy and today it is Canada’s largest commercial strength equipment manufacturer.

There is a broad range of Atlantis strength equipment choices, most made with welded frames, heavy gauges of steel and high resistance levels. Each unit is designed to help you find the perfect blend.

What Makes Atlantis Stand Out?

Atlantis is known for its ergonomic designs and expert biomechanics. Their line is so extensive they list it by body part to make it easier to navigate.

The Atlantis’ Performance series offers sturdy machines that come with standard and heavy weight-stacks. The Power series features adjustability and user profiles. Natural Motion is made up of 12 units with enough freedom to allow the user to define their own path.

Each one of these companies manufacturer strength products designed to give you flexibility as you select your equipment.

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The key to filling up a fitness center with the right fitness equipment is finding a balance. Your goal is to consider what someone might look for in this particular fitness center. What are some things you should consider when buying fitness equipment?

Know Your Target User

The most important part of strategizing your fitness center inventory is your audience. If you cater to a younger group, focus on high-tech, state-of-the-art equipment. An older crowd will want user-friendly workout resources. One thing you do know is most people will look for cardio equipment and a strength training section first.

Block Out Your Space

Design for function based on your users’ needs. What should go near the front of the room and what should be near the windows, for example. Ask yourself what else your gym user might need. For example, do you want to make room for lockers, a water station, classes or personal training spaces? If you want the room to do more than hold equipment, plan on using 60 percent for actual exercise machines. Block out percentages for equipment space next. Do you want to divide the equipment area 50/50 for cardio and strength training or is it going to be more like 60/40? Older targeted users might want more strength training equipment than cardio.

Visualize Your Cardio

Now, block out the cardio section. This will allow you to visualize the types of equipment you want for each. For example, how much space do you have for treadmills and how many treadmills will fit into it.  If the answer is not many then maybe you want to consider a more diverse inventory of cardio equipment. Leave room for one or two treadmills and then figure out what you could put around them like ellipticals or steppers. Consider high-intensity equipment that takes up less room like an S-Force Performance Trainer if you plan to service younger people.

Visualize Your Strength Training Area

Free weights are a given, so figure out where they will go. Plan for one or more:

Diversity is the best policy when it comes to strength training equipment, so a multi-use station combined with targeted pieces for the core, legs and upper body makes sense. To find out more about what equipment works best for your target audience contact Opti-Fit at 888-601-4350 or for a FREE consultation.