You have a fitness center and some of the best gym equipment around. The electrician has come to install everything correctly, and you think you are all set to go. Have you thought about the fitness center design and the concern of people injuring themselves?

In 2013 a study found that there are about 3.1 gym accidents per 1000 hours spent doing CrossFit training. A few years before that it was found that 1500 people were treated in the emergency room over the course of one-year due to injuries from weight training and exercise equipment.

While these statistics may not sound too alarming, it is something to be aware of. The last thing a new or even established hotel, apartment, gym, or community needs is a lawsuit and bad publicity. These are things that could make you go out of business or effect your home owners.

If you are not 100% sure about the layout of your gym, there are a few things that you can check on your own.

  • Is equipment too close to the wall?
  • Is there plenty of space around the free weight area?
  • Do patrons have room to walk between equipment?
  • Is there plenty of light so that people can see what they are doing?
  • Are there cords or other things around that people could trip on?

These are just some of the things you should be on the lookout for when setting up or rearranging your gym. For example, if treadmills are too close to the wall, a user could easily stumble and hurt themselves on the wall. If your free weight area does not have much room, a lazy patron could leave weights lying around for other people to trip center design

As you can see, there are many hoards within the fitness center that you should be aware of.  Between 2003 and 2012 there were 30 deaths reported due to treadmill injuries. In 2012 almost 460,000 people showed up at hospital emergency rooms due to a fitness center related injury.

When it comes to setting up your fitness center, do your due diligence and make sure that it is safe. Opti-Fit specializes in fitness center design and safety. Think about reaching out to one of your area representatives before you open the doors on your new fitness center floorplan.

When it comes down to it, safety pays. Don’t be put out of business because someone left a free weight sitting on the floor, or your treadmill is too close to the wall.

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