Do you shy away from signing up at your local gym due to Covid 19? Well, if you love to exercise, why not create a similar experience right in your home? A simple home gym with some work out equipment is all you need to keep yourself in shape. Not only can it help you save money, but you will not have to skip any workout routine.

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to invest too much money in a home gym. You also do not need to purchase sophisticated equipment or expensive machinery. All you need to find is a small space where you can set up your private gym.  Here are some small workout room ideas that can help you get started.

Create Space in Your Garage

Can you afford to give up your garage or a small part of it? If so, you can convert the space into a workout room. A regular home gym should take up only about 10 x 6 ft. You can create space by making a few rearrangements and moving any extra supplies to a different storage unit.

Once done, remember to place some gym flooring to increase the level of comfort.

Set Aside your Basement or Attic

If your living situation disqualifies a garage as an option for home workout room ideas, you can find any other available space such as an unused basement or attic.

If the space is big enough, you can convert it into both an adult workout area and a kid’s playroom. By doing so, you can get a place to build your cardio while watching your kids.

Use a Corner of Your Room

If you live in an apartment, space may be hard to come by. However, when you rearrange or reposition your furniture, you can probably create enough space in one corner of your room.

Better yet, it can be a bonus if the space is right in front of a window that offers a lovely view. However, you should pay close attention to the flooring to prevent damage from heavy equipment such as dumbbells.

Avoid Treadmills and Invest in a Power Rack

Despite their effectiveness, treadmills are too big and expensive to fit into the average small workout rooms. However, you can reap the same benefits from a more traditional alternative that does not consume much space; power rack or squat rack.

During workouts, you only require a small space to use it.

Use Vertical Storage

When you are out of space, vertical storage or wall-mounted shelves provide you with the perfect place to store your workout equipment right after you finish exercising. Since you do not have too much space in your room, you may also use it to keep your mats, towels, and water bottles.

Acquire a Compact Home Gym Setup

You may consider investing in a compact gym setup if you do not have enough space. Depending on the available space, you can opt to get one that you can quickly fold once you finish exercising and put it away once done, or you can get one that you can leave when set up and ready to use.

Summing up

There is plenty of comfort in being able to exercise from the privacy of your own home and at your convenience. Your workout zone size does not matter too since there are plenty of exercise plans that you can perform without almost any equipment. Therefore, if you love to exercise, the above workout room ideas can set you in the right direction of what you need to set up your private home gym.  Contact your local Opti-fit fitness professional for your home gym design.