Setting up a health and fitness plan around your office can pay big dividends for both you as a company and for your employees. Whether you decide to set up a fitness center somewhere around the office building or put together a corporate wellness program, there’s no limit to the benefits both parties can experience.

To give you a few ideas, we’ve put together a list of three impacts you’ll see by focusing on promoting health and happiness within your company.

1. Decreased Absenteeism & Healthcare Costs

Have you been looking for a way to improve work attendance? Employees who follow a wellness plan tend to be more healthy, leading to reduced tardiness and call-outs over the course of each year. They also require less healthcare compensation from their employer since they don’t visit the hospital or doctor as much.

Numerous studies have been completed to test the ROI of a corporate wellness program when compared with healthcare costs. On average, companies ranging from small businesses to large corporations see a return of about 3.3%.

2. Increased Productivity

Corporate wellness initiatives have so many benefits that go beyond physical health. They also have major mental and emotional impacts that end up having positive effects on work performance. When employees are given the proper tools and motivation, there are a variety of ways you can help improve their productivity.

It is easier for people who are following a regimented workout and diet plan to focus on their work and maintain a high energy level over the course of their shift. This productivity will, in turn, lead to projects being completed more quickly and efficiently.

3. Happier Employees

There is a remarkable correlation between health and happiness that can be recognized from either direction. Happier people tend to be more healthy, and healthier people tend to be more happy.

Using important concepts like positive psychology as part of your wellness program can play a crucial role in how effective it will be. As your employees find more joy in their good health, the overall atmosphere around the office will improve, leading more and more people to take part.

Thinking About Starting a Corporate Wellness Program?

These few benefits are just the beginning of the positive impacts you’ll see from promoting an active lifestyle and other healthy habits around your business.

If you’re thinking about setting up a corporate fitness center at your office, be sure to contact us today! Our team will help you find the best equipment to compliment your corporate wellness plan.

Making Corporate Fitness Accessible


Corporations are getting employees moving with on-site workout facilities and custom fitness programming that pays for itself in employee engagement and worker morale.


If you can build and create an attractive fitness space in or around your office, and schedule exercise time around your employees’ work schedules, business owners actually help make consistent and convenient exercise part of the normal workday – and very much contribute to the health and morale of your employees.


Original fitness centers with personal trainers and a slew of cardio machines had certainly made way for on-site yoga studios, compact weight stations and access to local courts.


Increase Employee Health and Morale


Despite economic challenges, the demand for on-site facility fitness opportunities is continuing to increase, according to Corporate Wellness Magazine. If you’re considering a new exercise space in your office, it probably falls directly on your company’s capital to recreate tight spaces, so budget, footage obstacles and security will contribute to the creation of your ultimate corporate wellness areas.


When regular exercise amenities enter the picture – including personal training and group fitness classes – your office exercise facility may also significantly increase worker performance and concentration with stress relief classes like yoga, tai chi and meditation programming.


Think Exercise Quality, Not Quantity


The ultimate goal is to help make working out convenient and accessible for all of your customers and residents. Design staples typically include an inviting setting, natural light and a variety of equipment options at the hub of your corporate wellness center.


10 Fitness Incentives at Work


When space is at a premium, it pays to invest in fitness perks for your employees, such as personal training and employer-paid gym memberships, while still providing the basics:


  1. Access to multiple running trails
  2. Yoga and Pilates classes
  3. Rock climbing wall
  4. Juice bars
  5. Healthy bistro fare
  6. Pool access at a local YMCA
  7. Weight loss competitions
  8. Charity walks
  9. Resistance bands and balls
  10. Company bowling leagues


Opti-Fit offers an innovative suite of consulting and project management services to deliver your vision for office-based facilities and corporate wellness operations, from concept to completion. Contact us for a free site assessment.

Exercise “Experiences” in the Bay Area

The beautiful Bay Area’s new leader in health and wellness innovation, Well-Fit is inspired by the vibrant, forward-thinking regional community in Northern California – and the exceptional outdoor environment. The company specializes in creating unique and motivating exercise experiences where people live, work and play in a more natural, active community.




We help clients build and operate successful fitness businesses and fitness facilities for corporate wellness, commercial health clubs, and many more categories, says Well-Fit founder Warren Gendel. He and his team help clients build and operate successful outdoor and natural exercise businesses and top-of-the-line fitness facilities.


Specializing in Corporate Fitness

Our company boot camps, team building workshops and yoga classes energize employees. Our High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) programs kick it up a notch with a full-range of movement at a fast clip to accelerate goal achievement. Whether you’re improving strength, stamina, balance, flexibility, mobility, power or speed, you’ll see immediate, measurable results from these sessions.


Well-Fit facilities set to open in 2018

Our extensive portfolio features  small-group group fitness and athletic training workouts that can be delivered onsite or offsite — anywhere the client wants to get people moving. Innovative fitness programs and classes include a lecture and workshop series to help employees learn about and maintain a healthier, fitter lifestyle.


Our Businesses are Build on Strong Partnerships


Based on your custom fitness facility goals and programming needs, the fleet of Well-Fit experts and designers will present detailed conceptual renderings. These renderings will then be developed into full-scale, 2D or 3D layouts to provide you with a complete picture of your future commercial fitness center.


Entrepreneur and founder of Well-Fit, Warren Gendel brings experience and expertise to help clients build and operate successful exercise businesses and fitness facilities for corporate wellness, commercial health clubs and residential health clubs and fitness programming. He says, “We offer operations reviews, day-to-day personnel management and proprietary technology systems to deliver solid results and return on investment.”


Portfolio of recent high-tech installations


Just as Opti-Fit has been doing for decades, Well-Fit also collaborates with clients, architects and project managers to maximize facility infrastructure and ensure appropriate space for equipment, mix of exercise modalities and your desired fitness experience.

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