Setting up a health and fitness plan around your office can pay big dividends for both you as a company and for your employees. Whether you decide to set up a fitness center somewhere around the office building or put together a corporate wellness program, there’s no limit to the benefits both parties can experience.

To give you a few ideas, we’ve put together a list of three impacts you’ll see by focusing on promoting health and happiness within your company.

1. Decreased Absenteeism & Healthcare Costs

Have you been looking for a way to improve work attendance? Employees who follow a wellness plan tend to be more healthy, leading to reduced tardiness and call-outs over the course of each year. They also require less healthcare compensation from their employer since they don’t visit the hospital or doctor as much.

Numerous studies have been completed to test the ROI of a corporate wellness program when compared with healthcare costs. On average, companies ranging from small businesses to large corporations see a return of about 3.3%.

2. Increased Productivity

Corporate wellness initiatives have so many benefits that go beyond physical health. They also have major mental and emotional impacts that end up having positive effects on work performance. When employees are given the proper tools and motivation, there are a variety of ways you can help improve their productivity.

It is easier for people who are following a regimented workout and diet plan to focus on their work and maintain a high energy level over the course of their shift. This productivity will, in turn, lead to projects being completed more quickly and efficiently.

3. Happier Employees

There is a remarkable correlation between health and happiness that can be recognized from either direction. Happier people tend to be more healthy, and healthier people tend to be more happy.

Using important concepts like positive psychology as part of your wellness program can play a crucial role in how effective it will be. As your employees find more joy in their good health, the overall atmosphere around the office will improve, leading more and more people to take part.

Thinking About Starting a Corporate Wellness Program?

These few benefits are just the beginning of the positive impacts you’ll see from promoting an active lifestyle and other healthy habits around your business.

If you’re thinking about setting up a corporate fitness center at your office, be sure to contact us today! Our team will help you find the best equipment to compliment your corporate wellness plan.