Major fitness industry trends are starting to creep into multi-family properties as well. In 2019 apartment and other multi-family complexes will be looked upon to continue offering bigger and better amenities. Residents will be looking for yoga classes, group workouts, new technology, and more.

A late 2018 fitness trends survey issued by the Coalition for the Registration of Exercise Professionals (CREP) shows the following as significant fitness trends all over the world. The image below shows what fitness center users around the world are looking for these days.

Image from: The Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends for 2018

The Building and Construction Network noted in a post that high paying residents are no longer seeking the traditional fitness center any longer. Residents are willing to pay up to have the whole boutique fitness experience of their choice at their place of residence.

This means that property owners want to get a good handle on the demographics of the residents they attract in order to supply them with the experiences that they are looking for at home. Major fitness trends for multi-family properties in 2019 are:

2019 is going to be all about specializing your fitness and wellness amenities. One easy way to start getting a handle on this new trend is to create a community around the fitness center, get people involved in group activities and even meal planning.

If you do not have the space or extra budget to build whole new rooms and hire staff, you can use commercial applications that are available, look to marketing companies to help you reestablish your fitness center vision, or you can enlist help from personal trainers looking for clients. There are many ways to go about updating and following the new trends.

A first great step is to create your community through social media. If you do not have anything like this in place, seek out professional guidance. Hiring someone to help build an online community will help you to create the experience that new, higher paying tenants are looking for.

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Pools and Gyms are Mandatory! 


Breakthrough research on Today’s Renters and research released  by Freddie Mac Multifamily finds growing segments of the population — Baby Boomers and Generation Xers in particular — showing much less interest in owning a home.

The survey finds half (50 percent) of Baby Boomers currently renting do not anticipate buying a home in the future, up eight points from 2016.

The latest “Profile of Today’s Renter” reveals that affordability remains the dominant factor driving renter behavior.


Multi-Family Rental Research:


50% Baby Boomers currently renting do not anticipate buying a home in the future

Of that 50 percent, 35 percent have no interest in owning

15 percent say they cannot afford to own but have some interest

19% of Gen Xers (aged 38-52) study respondents lacked interest in home homeownership


Read the whole Renters Report from Freddie Mac.


Rental satisfaction continues to run high across the country. A significant and growing majority of renters – 66 percent – are satisfied with the overall rental experience.


“America’s renters overwhelmingly see renting as more affordable and the right choice for them – right now,” said study author David Brickman, Executive Vice President and Head of Freddie Mac Multifamily groups.

Renting becomes a much more attractive option when the top three apartment amenities are met:


  1. Parking
  2. Pool(s)
  3. Residential gym


To retain tenants, attract high quality consumers and connect communities, provide your tenants, clients and customers with well-branded well-designed fitness centers with the perfect wide array of amenities.


Keep Up With Demands for Wellness

The National Multifamily Housing Council and Kingsley Associates last year surveyed approximately 120,000 renters at 3,280 apartment communities nationwide to gauge their interest in specific communal amenities. While on-site parking is everyone’s first request, these wellness and safety offerings are common demands:


83% want a pool on property

82% request a well-equipped fitness center

80% demand safe security access

67% want community Wi-Fi

47% look for a business center


If locations are more or less the same between competing properties, wellness and fitness amenities have a big impact in competitive rent pricing as well as tenant satisfaction.


The National Apartment Association (NAA) is the leading voice for the rental housing industry and a trusted partner and advocate committed to serving 160 affiliates, 75,000 member companies and the 9.25 million rental housing units globally

By far, the most upgraded community-wide amenity since 2014 has been the multi-family fitness center. Recent research finds that 46 percent of tenants are willing to pay a premium for complexes that have group fitness classes  in addition to on-site gyms.  Top-notch, customized exercise equipment can vastly improve tenant interactions and a sense of community in your multi-family apartment or condo complex. Having a friendly, uncluttered neighborhood fitness center is also priceless for municipal relations. 
As you’ve probably recognized, the modern family fitness center has changed dramatically over the last 25 years  and an ancient, drab ill-equipped multi-family exercise space is a serious obstacle to any apartment complex’s appeal. Tenants can head next door.

matrix and hoist fitness in fitness center



Signs of a Healthy Residential Fitness Center

You choose the best equipment

For branding and safety, the need for high-quality commercial exercise equipment is mandatory. By using easily recognized, top-of-the-line equipment, multi-family groups differentiate themselves from competing apartment units.

You know your budget but aim high.

Installation costs for a multi-family fitness centers vary greatly, depending on the type and amount of fitness equipment you need, square footage, budget goals and multiple design factors. 

You say it on social media

Follow or re-Tweet your favorite fitness instructors or trainers, enter contests at the gym and Comment” on social channels to offer encouragement. For example, Opti-Fit partners with the equipment company Matrix Fitness, which has a fun social media platform that allows members to motivate and congratulate each other on meeting exercise milestones.  Opti-Fit design teams can help conceptualize your fitness space or dream wellness center with 2D and 3D imaging technology.  Click here for a free demonstration.