Sports and Fitness Flooring, the Sensible Choice for Your Gym

Ecore offers a range of sports and athletics flooring choice for your gym, fitness center, or outdoor area. People expect to see specialized flooring in places they use to workout or practice in. With options that range from rubber, to rug, to fully poured synthetics Ecore has all of your fitness flooring needs covered.

Everlast Collection

The Everlast collection comes as rolls or tiles that have been made of specially designed rubber for your fitness center. There are three levels of the Everlast fitness flooring product:

  • Basic
    • Standard formulation that offers top of the line performance at an affordable price.
  • UltraTile
    • These tiles were designed with durability in mind and are commonly used in weight rooms due to their enhanced ability to absorb shock during weight drop applications.
  • SmashTile
    • These tiles are more highly shock absorbent and work well to dampen noise in platform style weight lifting areas.

Performance Collection

The performance collection consists of flooring applications that include shock absorbent padding underneath. They all come in a range of color choices, except the turf; the turf is available in grass green only. The flooring choices include:

  • Motivate
    • This choice is designed for light activity. You would put this into an area where athletes would be stretching, using stationary machines, or other easy on the floor activity. This flooring includes a 2.5mm top layer and a 5 mm base layer that allows for some noise reduction, energy restitution, and impact dissipation.
  • Rally
    • The Rally flooring has the same top layer thickness as the Motivate line but comes with a base layer that is 12mm. This flooring line is meant to be used in higher intensity areas. Rally flooring is excellent for rooms where you have high-intensity classes like boxing or Zumba.
  • Beast
    • This flooring line is known for its durability. It has the 2.5mm top layer along with a specially designed 8mm bottom layer. The design, called angry, was specifically created to restore energy back to the user. This type of flooring is the best for free weight training areas of the gym.
  • Monster
    • The Monster flooring lives up to its name; it consists of the Beast with an additional 12mm ShockPad layer underneath. This surface is great for aggressive strength training with heavy weight drop applications.
  • Speed and Agility Turf
    • The turf is bonded to a rubber base that aid in speed and agility. The choices for the base thickness are 5 or 12mm.

Elevate Collection

opti-fit sells flooring for corporate gymsThis collection is meant for areas of the gym that still need that shock absorbing feel that you would like to make more aesthetically pleasing for customers. These flooring choices will go in entryways, locker rooms, auxiliary rooms (game, meditation, or yoga) and the like.

  • Aqueous
    • This flooring choice is the best for around pools or other areas that may be wet like a steam room. This is a 2mm safety flooring made of vinyl.
  • Roster
    • This is a non-woven surface connected to a 5mm base. It is meant for entryways or would work well in a dressing area or other transition area in your gym.
  • Bounce 2
    • This is a synthetic wood-grain with a 5mm base. You get the padding and the look of wood. This fitness flooring works for dance studios, yoga studios, and meditation rooms.
  • Frictional
    • This is another safety flooring made from 2mm thick vinyl. It is slip resistant and works well in locker rooms or areas where someone could slip.
  • Spectator
    • The Spectator line is the next step up from the Frictional line. It is a 2.5mm thick vinyl safety flooring. It comes in a variety of forms, textures, and colors.

If you are looking for the best sports and fitness flooring in the business check out the Opti-Fit’s website today. You will find all of the choices above as well as additional products such as fillers, pads, poured systems, and how to go about customizing your selections. If you have any question give Opti-Fit call today at 888-601-4350.