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Introducing the Matrix Intelligent Training Console

September 29, 2021

Looking to upgrade your workout facility to an exceptional level? Well, invest in Intelligent Training Console. It works for both newcomers and enthusiasts by offering a highly connected and guided strength training session.

Members highlight their fitness goals, get a step-by-step guide, and pick out their preferred weight before starting a personalized and progressive fitness program. With this kind of help, you can be confident that members will attain their physical transformation target more effectively within a reasonable period.

What more should you expect from this incredible training console?

Users will access an 8-12 week personalized fitness program ideal for starters and experienced strength training individuals. The program provides a training experience that helps members achieve Strength, Endurance, or Build goals. Those new in this field or who are hardly making any progress should take advantage of this program to efficiently rebuild their physique.

Want to build lean muscles? This intelligent training console program will guides users through numerous repetitions with minimal weight. It’s a perfect guide for members who wish to combine strength training with cardio exercise.

On the other hand, there is a perfect guide for users who want to gain muscle mass. The program prescribes fewer repetitions with heavyweight for new and experienced strength trainers.

Want to gain strength? The program will guides users through holding heavyweight for an extended period. You will get strong and achieve lean muscles.

Your clients will access their training history thanks to the workout snapshot. Members review and track fitness progress, see results, and remain motivated to do better.

Strength is good, but strength plus speed and power are better. Members will attain their goals sooner while still enjoying the training experience.

How will you benefit from Intelligent Training Console?

An intelligent training console offers an enhanced personal workout experience. You will be amazed when your clients stick around longer after using this quality console.

You can connect the intelligent training console to your trainer portal. This feature allows you to assign workouts, create personalized training programs and check progress. It improves trainer–member engagement for better results.

The intelligent training console allows you to interact closely with your clients through a customizable interface. Every program you create represents your brand, and if you do it well, people will love it.

Who wouldn’t want a fully connected facility?

The intelligent Training Console integrates with Personal Trainer Portal and Workout Tracking Network via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. It also connects to RFID. Users will enjoy a complete and unified workout experience that is second to none.

Additional features include:

Users can draw data from their preferred fitness apps via the customizable interface. The workout tracking network allows you to manage workout schedules, guest passes, facility calendars, and client challenges. You can easily view a snapshot of users’ activity and monthly progress.

You can engage with your members via the personal trainer portal and boost your brand. Connecting the portal with the Workout Tracking Network allows you to strengthen your relationship with your clients. You will also easily tap other sources of revenue.

With asset management, you can view the status of your strength equipment on any device, provided you have a strong internet connection. It makes it easier to keep your equipment in proper condition, and your customers satisfied.

RFID ensures a smooth and easy workout experience and creates new revenue streams. It uses radio-frequency tags to make program loading, workout tracking, and check-in virtually automatic and touch-free.

Members can also use the RFID compatible machines, sales centers, and kiosks to purchase your facility’s branded stuff, snacks, and whatever else you sell.