Multi-Family Fitness Facility Planning: 5 Key Considerations

gym equipment

Functional multi-family fitness facilities are no longer luxury amenities but a necessity in both market-rate and luxury properties. The COVID-19 pandemic and its lockdowns highlighted the importance of having fitness facilities on residential premises. However, planning and designing these facilities comes with a challenge. Here are the five critical considerations for planning multi-family fitness facilities: …

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Opti-Fit Designs the Exercise Experience

garage gym

The average gym charges $1, 200 a year. In exchange, you receive a cookie-cutter approach to fitness that’s designed for the average gym-goer. The problem is that there is no such thing as an average gym-goer. Everybody and business is different. If you’re tired of being treated as though you’re average, Opti-Fit is the rare…

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Opti-Fit Opens Home Gym Store

Opti-Fit Fitness Solutions today announced the opening of its new, comprehensive, and versatile home gym fitness store. You can now find some of the latest fitness machines at the Opti-Fit home gym shop, including treadmills, ellipticals, and bikes. Opti-Fit will carry gym equipment from Matrix, Hoist Fitness, Intek and more. Their designs are well-recognized around…

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New Fitness Technology Solutions Seek to Entice a Range of Client Types

Corporate fitness options

Commercial fitness facilities are becoming more high tech in an attempt to improve the user experience and meet the demands of more tech savvy clients. By adding new technology solutions and benefits, facility owners are hoping to increase new client acquisition and retention. From the user’s perspective, many professional clients like the fact that they…

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Peloton Stops Pedaling in Multi-housing Market!

What more can I say about Peloton? It is “the Netflix of fitness” according to one market analyst. Peloton Spin Machines are “the best cardio machines in the world,” according to Men’s Health. For years Peloton’s business thrived from supplying fitness equipment to community workout rooms. Apartment communities would offer Peloton bikes at a fair…

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The Emergence of Power Racks & Rigs in Gym Equipment

power racks

Power racks and rigs are part of the growing trend of functional fitness — a type of workout that is popular for extreme sports, Crossfit and athletic training. It’s not enough to be tone and lean, your body has to work like a machine with strong muscle groups able to move together to complete a task. Traditional…

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Get The Most Out Of Your High-Performance Equipment

Free weights for health clubs

Whether you have purchased or plan to buy high-performance gym equipment from Matrix, you should know that Matrix equipment makes it easy for you to maximize your ROI. Most of the equipment out there will eventually earn its keep over time, but there are very few manufacturers that will further help you make the purchase…

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