Carlmont High School

Carlmont High School

Belmont, CA

Opened in 1953, Carlmont High School is a California Distinguished School located in Belmont. Opti-Fit was brought on to collaborate with the Architect to design a much needed expansion to the campus’s weight Room. Natural light, and access to the outdoors are the cornerstones of this amazing project. Opti-Fit met with the Athletic Director, and coaches, to create a first class Athletic Strength Facility, provide energetic physical education classes, with functional spaces that truly personify the schools’ spirit. Go Scots!

Project Photos :

Equipment Supplied:

  • Assault AirRunner and AirBike
  • Matrix ellipticals
  • Atlantis glute ham developer
  • Hoist functional trainers and other strength equipment
  • Troy slam balls, wall balls, barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, and bumper and grip plates
  • Dynamic double half rack with storage and benches