According to a study by the National Apartment Association, fitness equipment can help improve tenant satisfaction and reduce turnover rates

According to a study by the National Apartment Association, fitness equipment can help improve tenant satisfaction and reduce turnover rates. The study found that properties with on-site fitness centers had an average turnover rate of just 5.4 percent, compared to the industry average of 7.1 percent.
In addition, tenants who had access to fitness equipment were significantly more satisfied with their overall living experience. These findings suggest that fitness equipment can be a valuable amenity for apartment communities, providing both financial and quality-of-life benefits for tenants.

The types of fitness equipment that are most popular among tenants are treadmills, elliptical machines, and stationary bikes

A recent survey of apartment building tenants revealed that the types of fitness equipment that are most popular among tenants are treadmills, elliptical machines, and stationary bikes.
This is likely due to the fact that these types of equipment offer a versatile workout that can be tailored to each individual’s needs. Additionally, they are relatively compact and do not require a lot of space, making them ideal for use in an apartment. Treadmills, in particular, are popular among tenants because they offer a low-impact workout that is easy on the joints. Elliptical machines and stationary bikes are also popular among tenants because they provide a great cardio workout.

Fitness equipment can also help landlords attract new tenants and increase monthly rent payments

For landlords, fitness equipment can be a great way to attract new tenants and increase monthly rent payments. Today’s renters are increasingly health-conscious, and they’re looking for properties that offer access to fitness facilities. By installing a few pieces of fitness equipment in your rental property, you can make it more appealing to potential tenants and command a higher rent. Additionally, fitness equipment can help to create a sense of community in your rental property. Tenants who have access to a shared fitness facility will be more likely to interact with their neighbors, which can lead to a stronger sense of community and increased levels of satisfaction with the rental property.

However, it’s important to make sure that the fitness equipment is well-maintained and accessible to all tenants

It is important to make sure that the fitness equipment is well-maintained and accessible to all tenants.
Otherwise, it can quickly become a source of frustration and complaints. Fitness equipment should be regularly cleaned and inspected to ensure that it is safe and in good working condition.
In addition, the fitness equipment should be located in an easily accessible area so that all tenants can use it. By taking these steps, you can ensure that your fitness equipment is an asset to your property rather than a liability.

If you’re thinking about adding fitness equipment to your property, be sure to consult with an experienced Opti-Fit Fitness Solution professional.

Fitness equipment can be a great addition to any property, but it’s important to consult with an expert before making any decisions. At Opti-Fit, our fitness experts can help you choose the right equipment for your needs and budget. We’ll also provide you with a free consultation to discuss your fitness goals and how we can help you reach them. So if you’re thinking about adding fitness equipment to your home or business, be sure to call Opti-Fit first.
We’ll help you make the best decision for your fitness needs.

The Matrix Fitness High End Home Equipment line is your ticket to a full-fledged gym experience at home! With top-of-the-line equipment and a wide range of options, you can customize your workout to fit your individual needs. Whether you’re looking for a total body workout or something to focus on specific muscle groups, the Matrix Fitness High End Home Equipment line has you covered.

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2) Describe the features and benefits of the equipment

For those who are serious about their workout routine, having quality home gym equipment is a must. Matrix Fitness is a leading manufacturer of home gym equipment, and their products are known for being built to last. Some of the features that make Matrix Fitness products stand out include their durable construction, user-friendly design, and wide range of options. Their home gym equipment is also backed by a strong warranty, so customers can feel confident that they are making a sound investment. Whether you are looking for weight machines, free weights, or cardio equipment, Matrix Fitness has something to meet your needs. And with their competitive prices, you can get high-quality fitness equipment without breaking the bank. So if you are serious about getting in shape, be sure to check out Matrix Fitness home gym equipment.

3) Share how the equipment can help people achieve their fitness goals

Home gym equipment can help people achieve their fitness goals in a number of ways. First, it provides a convenient way to workout at home, without having to travel to a gym. Second, it allows people to tailor their workouts to their own individual needs and goals. And third, it can help people save money on gym membership fees.

One of the most popular brands of home gym equipment is Matrix Fitness. Matrix offers a wide range of products, from simple dumbbells and weight plates to complete home gyms. Their products are designed to be durable and easy to use, making them ideal for people who are new to working out at home. In addition, Matrix products are backed by a team of experts who can provide advice and support if needed.

So if you’re looking for a way to achieve your fitness goals, home gym equipment is definitely worth considering. And matrix fitness is a great option if you’re looking for high-quality products that will help you get the most out of your workouts.

4) Explain why the Matrix Fitness High-End Home Equipment is a great investment for anyone looking for quality home gym equipment

For anyone looking for quality home gym equipment, Matrix Fitness is a great investment. Matrix Fitness offers a wide range of high-end home gym equipment that is sure to meet the needs of any fitness enthusiast. From treadmills and ellipticals to strength training machines and free weights, Matrix Fitness has it all. In addition, all of their products are backed by a quality guarantee, ensuring that you will be satisfied with your purchase. With so much to offer, it is easy to see why Matrix Fitness is a top choice for those looking for the best home gym equipment available.

Overall, Matrix Fitness is a great investment for anyone looking for quality home gym equipment. With a wide range of products and a quality guarantee, you can be sure that you will be satisfied with your purchase. With so much to offer, it is easy to see why Matrix Fitness is a top choice for those looking for the best home gym equipment available.


If you’re looking for quality home gym equipment, look no further than Matrix Fitness. With a wide range of products and a quality guarantee, you can be sure that you’ll be satisfied with your purchase. So what are you waiting for? Invest in your health today with Matrix Fitness!

If you’ve been working out at the playground recently, you’ve probably realized that a few more people are around than usual. With many gyms closing, many people are resorting to outdoor workouts. You may be wondering, “What is the best outdoor fitness equipment?”

This guide will give you the answer to your question. Read on below as we explore the best outdoor fitness equipment.

  1. TRX

TRX is at the top of the list in regards to suspension workouts. While you can perform things indoors, it’s far better to do them outside. Locate a sturdy tree limb and go to work! You could get in a great full-body exercise with a TRX at the park on a bright sunny day. If the weather permits, that is.

  1. Kettlebells

Oh, my goodness! Have you done kettlebell training in the open air? If you haven’t already, go on and give it a try. Kettlebells may be the unique single item of fitness equipment anyone can buy. If you don’t want to drive to a park, you may use them in your residence or backyard!

  1. Battle ropes

Feel the heat! Bring Battle ropes to the park and tie them around a pole or a tree. You’ll feel it after 20 seconds of your first set. Numerous combat rope workouts may be done outside. When the time comes, go to YouTube and look them up. Outdoor battle rope training is no laughing matter!

  1. Sandbags

With sandbags, you can get in some serious workouts! Get some complex motions in with these, whether in your garden or nearby park. Dumbbell sandbags are also available! Sandbags are ideal for exercises such as deadlifts, overhead presses, and good old-fashioned curls.

  1. Station for Pull-Ups and Dips

Who says bodyweight workouts aren’t challenging? Do Ten pull-ups and ten dips immediately after. You’ll probably start breathing heavily shortly, even if you are in reasonably good form. This is an excellent buy if you have a room in your yard. You could also get in some good belly workouts with these.

  1. Medicine Balls

It’s time to integrate ball smashes into your routine if you haven’t before. Feel it throughout your entire body! Do you want to get that six-pack? With these, you can get in pretty serious ab workouts. You may also try to toss these as high and as far back as possible for some fun activities! Ensure you have enough space. A park is an ideal location for this. Medicine balls occupy minimal space for storage and are extremely good at adapting to different kinds of exercises.

  1. Portable Bow

Resistance band workouts are no laughing matter, and this item takes it to another level! Squats, press, ab training, curls, and much more this bow may be used indoors, at a park, or in your backyard.

  1. Resistance Bands

If you have not employed bands in your workout outdoors yet, it’s a pastime. Bands can aid with everything from hip workouts to pull-ups to shoulder training. You may also use the bands to warm up while you get started!

  1. Set of Speed Cones and Ladders

Do you want to raise your heart rate swiftly? Ladders, as well as cone routines, will provide you with the aerobic workout you seek. These are ideal for usage on the park’s shorter grassland. Carry this bag when you’re at a park near your house.

Outdoor Fitness Equipment Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the most effective outdoor exercises?

It all depends on your objectives! Begin writing down your objectives as you get into a habit, and maintain that outdoor fitness going! Springs, yoga, heavyweight training, long-distance running, mobility work, HIIT workouts, and the list continues on and on! Give each a try to see which one you prefer.

  1. What kind of equipment can we use outside?

Sandbags, kettlebells, pull-up stations, medicine balls, TRX, bands, and so on! No concerns if you do not want to or cannot afford to acquire these items right now. Check out the free available resources to you instead.

  1. Is it better to exercise outside?

The fresh air, the scenery, and the general environment! Wouldn’t that sound preferable to a hot, humid gym with Seventy other folks? That doesn’t seem very enticing, especially these days.

  1. What type of workout equipment can I place in my yard?

Begin with a pull-up/dip station. Just doing bodyweight exercises can give you a great workout!

Final Verdict

As we have seen above, there is no shortage of fitness equipment you can use outdoors. Exercising outside or in parks is among the most beneficial activities you can perform on any particular day. Taking the workout equipment out can be pretty helpful. The energy is an entirely different story.

Instead of being cooped up indoors, you’re getting some fresh air. Views of plants, other folks, and whatever else is in your park! This assumes you stay in a warmer climate. If you live in a colder area, this is only possible at specific periods of the year. It’s time you get outdoor and start making things happen!

Fitness centers are part of the top ten amenities renters desire- this, according to a study by the National Apartment Association. Why? A fitness center in an apartment complex brings the gym closer to you. You can enjoy your workouts at a lower cost and with better space than in a local gym. Lastly, a fitness center is a socializing area. Are you exploring the apartment rental market? Here’s why you need to add a fitness center to your list of amenities?

Bringing the Resources Closer 

Renting an apartment with a fitness center brings gym resources closer to you. The treadmills, stair steppers, cross-trainers, and weights you need will be downstairs, or an elevator rides away. You can also hire a personal trainer for a few hours and bring them to the apartment’s fitness center. 

If you prefer to have your workouts very early or very late at night, the fitness center will be within your reach. In contrast, when using an externally operated gym, there’s a chance that you need to squeeze your workouts to specific hours. Time constraints can lower your motivation to stay fit. 

A fitness center within an apartment also makes it easier to commit to your workout regimen. Taking a bus or long walks to the gym can deter you from exercising. However, with the equipment close by, you can exercise throughout the year. It can be challenging to go to the gym in extreme heat and cold, but with a fitness center within a building, you’ll stay right on track. 

Lastly, renting an apartment with a fitness center means that you can move around with fewer items. You can avoid carrying your work clothes to the gym because you can go home to freshen up. All you need is your gym outfit, a towel, and water. 

Saving Time 

Renting an apartment complex with a fitness center will reduce the amount of time you consume traveling to the gym. Imagine if you need to walk for 20 minutes, or call a cab, ride a bike or catch the bus. 

Your time is important. Having your gym equipment 5 minutes away is incredibly convenient. Taking five minutes versus 20 minutes to the gym can be the difference between health and unfitness. You’ll feel more motivated to exercise when your workout equipment is close to you. 

Lower Membership Fees

Most apartment complexes have zero to extremely lower fees for annual gym fees. The fitness center is a renter’s perk. With this in mind, it will cost you less to exercise at an apartment fitness center. The best part is that if the fitness center is free, you can find free digital trainers to stay fit and spend no money at all.

Joining a gym means that you need to shell out a couple of dollars every month to access gym facilities. Gym membership fee averages between $40-$50 monthly and can add up to more than $800 annually when you add the initiation fee. If you miss out on some of your workouts, you’ll lose even more money. 

An indoor fitness center, on the other hand, may increase your overall apartment’s value by 5%. If you pay the amount annually, you will spend less on the fitness center. Also, you’re less likely to forget the payment deadline.  

Better Access To Equipment 

Signing up for local gym membership seems like a good idea until you realize that the entire neighborhood congregates there. While working out with people can be motivating, it can quickly become uncomfortable if the equipment is scarce. Imagine lining up to use the treadmill or using sweaty equipment? 

Overcrowded facilities are unsuitable for healthy workouts. Not only will your spirits dampen, but there is also an increased risk of accidents. Because space is limited, anyone can drop a dumbbell on your foot or fall back on you. The showers and changing rooms will also become unbearable. 

An apartment fitness center will have less crowding, giving you the comfort you need when working out. You’re also likely to bump into familiar people that you engage in a conversation with, rather than seeing new faces every day.

If you choose to use a digital trainer or download a fitness app, you can easily place your phone or tablet on the floor without worrying that someone might fall over. All your items will also stay safe and accessible to you in the lockers. 


Making new friends and sharing new experiences can be hectic sometimes. In between work, schedules, and classes, you may forget to talk to new people. However, the gym is a convenient location to meet your neighbors, and hopefully, forge new friendships. You can share your thoughts as you work out, and borrow a few workout tips from your neighbors.

Final Thoughts  

A fitness center is a shared space that helps you work out at a lower cost and with less time wastage and more convenience. You can also use the center to socialize and learn a few tricks from your neighbors. 

The demand for multi-housing buildings is rising as more people seek the convenience and perks that come with apartment buildings. More importantly, residents are on the hunt for apartment communities that improve the quality of their lives. Even with the rise of multi-use home gym equipment, renters want multifamily units with fitness centers. Here are several reasons why developers should include fitness centers in their apartment complexes.

Multi-Housing Units for Health and Wellness

Modern renters are sensitive to their homes and how they influence their wellness. According to the 2020 NMHC/Kingsley Associates Apartment Resident Preferences Report, renters consider three main components- environment, sustainability, and fitness.

In terms of fitness, renters want:

Residents also prefer the following fitness offerings in their fitness centers.

High-End Residential Buildings Offer Fitness Center Access

As the demand for high-end apartment communities increases, more developers are including several shared amenities in their designs. An overwhelming 92% of new apartment buildings in 2019 had a fitness facility or gym to meet market demands. In the previous decade, 90% of new apartment buildings had gyms, contributing to more than two-thirds of apartment buildings with fitness facilities.

More apartment renters now prioritize fitness centers and wellness as they select homes. According to a 2017 report by the National Apartment Association, 46% of residents were ready to pay a premium to access fitness classes, while 42% would pay top-dollar for walking trails and tracks.

In response, developers have found ways to upgrade their multi-housing units to attract residents. For example, between 2014 and 2017, 12,574 upgraded or added fitness centers to their units. In addition, 8,492 added swimming pools.

The Cost of Renting a Multi-Housing Unit

Onsite fitness facilities don’t come free or cheap. On average, it costs approximately $1,473 to rent an apartment. However, if the unit comes with a gym, it costs roughly $1,530, a $57 difference. The cost is considerably lower than renting an offsite gym, which can cost at least $10 more per month.

In addition, renters don’t have to incur the cost of movement to and from the gym, which is a relief for gym users that prefer to avoid traffic, driving, and the time spent moving to the gym location.

However, while there are cost and time savings, it’s crucial to consider the gym quality. Some multi-housing units offer basic gyms with cardio and lifting equipment. However, some facilities have the latest smart equipment, fitness trainers, classes, pools, and spas. High-end facilities ultimately cost more.

Fitness Facility Use

Ultimately, one main question for developers and landlords comes into play: will renters use the fitness facilities? Many people often have the intention to exercise, especially when they see a fitness facility on site. However, the intention doesn’t always transfer into behavior.

While developers need to provide fitness facilities for renters, they also have to make it easy for renters to use the facilities. For example, not hiding the fitness facility behind the building is crucial. Instead, the fitness facility should be in an open, easy-to-see, and access location.

The exterior and interior should also be attractive to inspire renters to pay and use the facilities. Naturally, developers will want to keep the costs low but reasonable. One way to do this is to find low maintenance facilities, low-cost to run and attractive to renters.

For example, hot pools and spas consume costly power and require regular cleaning. However, smart gym equipment may be cheaper to operate as long as users can switch them on and off to conserve power.

To learn more about fitness centers in multi-housing complexes, contact an Opti-Fit representative in your area.


Functional multi-family fitness facilities are no longer luxury amenities but a necessity in both market-rate and luxury properties. The COVID-19 pandemic and its lockdowns highlighted the importance of having fitness facilities on residential premises. However, planning and designing these facilities comes with a challenge. Here are the five critical considerations for planning multi-family fitness facilities: 

1. Supply Chain Challenges

In these challenging COVID-19 times, the global supply chain has been disrupted significantly. So if you’re planning on setting up a multi-family fitness center, it’s best to consider the supply chain challenges you’ll encounter and the possible solutions to them. 

For instance, how do you set up your facility after ordering fitness equipment and getting back-ordered or partially delivered? Undoubtedly, such challenges will impede your timelines and result in missed opportunities. 

Since most gym items are large and may take weeks to get delivered to your facility, it’s best to order them early. Better still, choose retailers who use delivery appointment tools to predict expected delivery dates and communicate with you each step of the way. This will go a long way in speeding last-mile delivery while reducing costs related to transit time and delivery exceptions. 

2. Location

When planning a fitness facility, it’s best to choose a location within the building that won’t impede or impact those living nearby. Besides, the location should inspire and encourage residents to follow up on their fitness goals. 

Also, you don’t want to install a fitness facility somewhere that isn’t accessible, lest it gets underutilized. If you’re installing the gym in a residential building, you might need to add noise-dampening materials to protect building occupants from all the noise from the facility. 

3. Design

Spaces frequented as frequently as fitness facilities should be well planned. The aesthetic basics of interior design should blend well with functional fitness principles so that the facility appeals to the target demographic. Focus on creating an aesthetically pleasing and inspirational facility that residents will be glad to engage with. 

4. Spatial Accommodation

When planning a multi-family fitness facility, the worst mistake you can make is looking at it as a one-size-fits-all amenity. Typically, gym-goers have varying tastes and preferences, and these need to be taken into consideration to build a space that accommodates everyone’s interests. 

For instance, if the facility is located within residential premises, you may need to include a kids’ play area to entice parents to come to the gym with their kids. Simply put, ensure you create a functional space that meets relevant industry standards and the needs of those who’ll visit it.

5. Technology and Entertainment Options

Today’s gym-goers are a savvy lot interested in the tech side of a fitness center and the available entertainment options. With so many tech options available, it’s critical to find what suits your facility best. 

In the COVID era, virtual training has become a fad, and if you’re planning on offering it at your facility, you’ll need to invest in the right technology and equipment. For maximum success when enticing prospective gym-goers, consider the target market’s preferences. This way, it will be easier to anticipate challenges and navigate them without incurring costly expenses in the future. 

Key Takeaways

When planning a multi-family fitness facility, the big decisions may seem overwhelming. Nonetheless, the above-mentioned considerations can help you create a functional space that allows target clients to attain their fitness goals. 


Looking to upgrade your workout facility to an exceptional level? Well, invest in Intelligent Training Console. It works for both newcomers and enthusiasts by offering a highly connected and guided strength training session.

Members highlight their fitness goals, get a step-by-step guide, and pick out their preferred weight before starting a personalized and progressive fitness program. With this kind of help, you can be confident that members will attain their physical transformation target more effectively within a reasonable period.

What more should you expect from this incredible training console?

Users will access an 8-12 week personalized fitness program ideal for starters and experienced strength training individuals. The program provides a training experience that helps members achieve Strength, Endurance, or Build goals. Those new in this field or who are hardly making any progress should take advantage of this program to efficiently rebuild their physique.

Want to build lean muscles? This intelligent training console program will guides users through numerous repetitions with minimal weight. It’s a perfect guide for members who wish to combine strength training with cardio exercise.

On the other hand, there is a perfect guide for users who want to gain muscle mass. The program prescribes fewer repetitions with heavyweight for new and experienced strength trainers.

Want to gain strength? The program will guides users through holding heavyweight for an extended period. You will get strong and achieve lean muscles.

Your clients will access their training history thanks to the workout snapshot. Members review and track fitness progress, see results, and remain motivated to do better.

Strength is good, but strength plus speed and power are better. Members will attain their goals sooner while still enjoying the training experience.

How will you benefit from Intelligent Training Console?

An intelligent training console offers an enhanced personal workout experience. You will be amazed when your clients stick around longer after using this quality console.

You can connect the intelligent training console to your trainer portal. This feature allows you to assign workouts, create personalized training programs and check progress. It improves trainer–member engagement for better results.

The intelligent training console allows you to interact closely with your clients through a customizable interface. Every program you create represents your brand, and if you do it well, people will love it.

Who wouldn’t want a fully connected facility?

The intelligent Training Console integrates with Personal Trainer Portal and Workout Tracking Network via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. It also connects to RFID. Users will enjoy a complete and unified workout experience that is second to none.

Additional features include:

Users can draw data from their preferred fitness apps via the customizable interface. The workout tracking network allows you to manage workout schedules, guest passes, facility calendars, and client challenges. You can easily view a snapshot of users’ activity and monthly progress.

You can engage with your members via the personal trainer portal and boost your brand. Connecting the portal with the Workout Tracking Network allows you to strengthen your relationship with your clients. You will also easily tap other sources of revenue.

With asset management, you can view the status of your strength equipment on any device, provided you have a strong internet connection. It makes it easier to keep your equipment in proper condition, and your customers satisfied.

RFID ensures a smooth and easy workout experience and creates new revenue streams. It uses radio-frequency tags to make program loading, workout tracking, and check-in virtually automatic and touch-free.

Members can also use the RFID compatible machines, sales centers, and kiosks to purchase your facility’s branded stuff, snacks, and whatever else you sell.


The average gym charges $1, 200 a year. In exchange, you receive a cookie-cutter approach to fitness that’s designed for the average gym-goer. The problem is that there is no such thing as an average gym-goer. Everybody and business is different. If you’re tired of being treated as though you’re average, Opti-Fit is the rare unicorn you’ve been searching for. We design every fitness space uniquely for your home and fitness needs. Our team specializes in gym design on a commercial and residential level. Maybe you have no space limitations to speak of. Maybe you’re trying to squeeze your fitness experience into a small corner of your home. Maybe you’re a brand behemoth who’s building a gym for your staff. Whatever niche you fit into, we have the goods to turn that tired body into a veritable Adonis or Athena.

How it Works

Opti-Fit is fueled by the brilliant minds of our exceptional wellness consultants. They’ve gained the wide skill-set required to offer a holistic approach to your exercise needs. Their goal? To reduce your costs, improve your training efficiency, and make sure you have the time of your life while you sweat your way to wellness. The gyms we design are built around a precise exercise program that borrows from a broad range of disciplines. We do more than merely design training spaces. We create a design for a healthier life, and your fitness is our directive.


A functional training center isn’t necessarily a motivating one. Fitness design needs to inspire work-shy beginners as they turn daily activities into permanent habits. Our spaces beg to be enjoyed, even on those grey, idle days. We put as much work into creating vital aesthetics as we do efficient floorplans. You can’t create a beautiful diamond when you focus on only one facet, and the same is true of gyms. We sculpt unique, multidisciplinary centers that incorporate the most powerful modalities in the industry.


Before we get down to the business of building, we make sure you have a realistic impression of our goals, so we provide a 360 degree, three-dimensional walk-through replete with photo-realistic renderings before we introduce the first yoga mat. Our skills extend to project management, which means you receive a hands-free design experience. We think your energy is better spent on crunches than it is on scheduling.

More than Residential

The skills required to build an in-house employee fitness center are worlds away from those needed to create a functional home gym. We’ve designed spaces for every industry, from hotels and offices to apartments and universities. We’ve even managed the demanding health club niche. No space is too big, small, or unusual for us. We marvel in the oddities of our work. Uniqueness is our specialty, after all.

We understand that spaces in the commercial sector need to be client-centric and communicate a powerful brand image. We know home gyms require a gentle learning curve to push their users in the right direction, so we use digital technology to teach our private clients how to use their new equipment. We’re an end-to-end provider who guides fitness enthusiasts from their first squat to their heaviest barbel. We’ll even make sure you have plenty of beauty to look at while you undertake that journey, and we’re not just talking about the body you’ll see in the mirror a year from now. Our interior décor approach is as considered as our equipment. We’ll make sure you have the hottest sport flooring and accessories on the market for one reason: you deserve it.

COVID-19 came and disrupted our lives as many businesses closed down to contain the disease. After many months of lockdowns and awareness campaigns, people have learned to live amid the pandemic world.

As gyms reopen, fitness enthusiasts are excited to resume their workout routines. But with most gyms being indoors, there is a high risk of COVID-19 transmission within the facilities. Here’s what fitness centers can do to keep their users safe while working out.

Clean and Disinfect Thoroughly

If your fitness center is open to the public, it’s essential to clean it thoroughly every day. Consider performing deep cleaning more often, even you have to increase your cleaning hours or hire more staff. Strive to clean shared facilities like toilets after each use.

Erect Handwashing Stations

Another simple way to curb the spread of coronavirus is by washing your hands frequently. Provide handwashing points with soap and clean water in your fitness facility. Encourage the users to wash their hands when entering the gym or switching between equipment.

Sanitize Equipment Between Sessions

Depending on the type of surface, coronavirus can survive for a few hours to several days. Therefore, keep a sanitizer dispenser at the entrance for every visitor to disinfect their hands when entering the gym. Incoming users will have little chance of introducing germs into the facility.

Further, disinfect fitness apparatuses and surfaces each time a user leaves, emphasizing high-touch areas. Provide quality cleaning and disinfecting products and encourage the users to wipe gym equipment before and after use.

Encourage Social Distancing

The CDC recommends a distance of at least six feet between two people to minimize the risk of coronavirus spread. How well you can implement this measure depends on the size of your gym.

Keep various equipment not less than two meters apart and consider installing protective screens in between. Control the number of people in the facility at any time to prevent close contact amongst users. If you run fitness classes, keep the sizes small, preferably in a bigger space or outside.

Control Your Shared Amenities

List down all the shared amenities and high-touch areas in your fitness center and decide how to control their use. Include all spaces where people are likely to get into close contact throughout the day. Include things like fitness machines, dumbbells, gym mats, showers, toilets, water fountains, and so forth.

You can control shared amenities by having a policy that ensures their regular cleaning and disinfection or discontinuing them altogether. Some fitness centers have resolved to close facilities like shower rooms and water fountains. Know what your gym cannot run without, and be sure to maintain the highest hygiene standards.

Restructure Your Gym Schedule

With people spending more time at home, you may have noted a change in workout routines among members. Revisit your timetable and create a program that encourages gym users to come at different times of the day.

Remove peak hours from the schedule to prevent congestion at any one time. Information regarding the allowed numbers may vary with your government and business size, so be sure to confirm. You might need to deploy a booking system to limit gym attendance effectively.

Watch out for COVID-19 Symptoms

Knowing the symptoms of COVID-19 can help in identifying potential cases so you can take action. If a user develops the signs, call emergency medical care services immediately. Consider refunding the member or postponing their workout sessions if they have to go for isolation.

Comply with the CDC’s COVID-19 guide for businesses. After a suspected or confirmed case, perform enhanced facility cleaning and disinfection and close the building for at least 24 hours.

Final Note

We might have to live with coronavirus for longer than we thought, but we’ve learned how to avoid getting contaminated. Prevent the spread of the virus at your fitness facility by observing the measures discussed here.

Matrix Fitness one of the global leaders in commercial and premium home fitness equipment has entered into a strategic partnership with iFit, which is at the forefront globally in interactive, connected fitness technology and content to incorporate iFit’s proprietary workout platform to the Matrix home fitness portfolio.

The collaboration is intended to reinforce Matrix’s innovative equipment offerings and increase iFit users. This coincides with Matrix’s new touchscreen consoles launch. These are designed to offer more fitness and entertainment options to users to keep them motivated from start to finish of their workout.

Johnson Health Tech Retail Inc President Bob Zande notes that immersive and connected fitness experiences are playing a critical role in the lives of their customers. They are elated to partner with iFit since they have a proven track record in premium fitness content. Incorporation of iFit to the Matrix line avails customers top-notch content on some of the leading equipment designed for the home.

The Matrix and iFit partnership facilitates a flawless connection between Matrix users, their equipment and iFit’s renown trainers. The iFit platform is incorporated into Matrix touchscreen consoles and is available on almost all Matrix products for home users. This includes ellipticals, treadmills, recumbent bikes, upright bikes, ClimbMills and ascent trainers. This integration gives Matrix users access to iFit’s award-winning, trainer-instructed workouts that are shot in diverse, unique locations in 50 countries across all continents. Users can access exclusive and extremely immersive studio classes directed by top-notch trainers. This includes; renown Olympians, recognized athletes and motivational trainers from around the world.

Some of The Outstanding Features of The New Generation of Matrix Consoles Include;

A year of iFit membership will be incorporated into Matrix 2nd generation touchscreen consoles which will be available at, Johnson Fitness & Wellness stores and chosen speciality fitness retailers in the U.S.