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Cutting-Edge Gym Equipment for Athletic Training Centers

High-end gym equipment for your  athletic training center is a significant investment, so we know it must be highly attractive, effective and durable enough to last through intensive use.  We carry the best fitness manufacturers for your fitness center.

Opti-Fit’s commercial exercise equipment integrates technology solutions that help attract high achievers and other high-quality customers. Our innovative lines of athletic training and sports-specific equipment are all carefully selected for dual-function capabilities, compound ergonomic movements and unique resistance mechanisms.
Forward-thinking commercial fitness designs and 3-D architectural layouts have redefined the athletic training facility experience, focusing on sports performance, sports teams and active communities.
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Featured Gym Equipment

develop speed and power for performance training

S-Force Performance Trainer  

  • Smooth, quiet magnetic resistance system and specially designed circular motion provides low-impact, high-intensity cardio
  • Magnetic resistance increases with athletic endurance for HIIT workouts
  • User-defined path accommodates up to a 91 cm /36″ stride length
  • Adjustable back-lit console provides complete, easy-to-read feedback
  • Clearly defined quick keys offer instant access to Sprint 8, interval training and goal-based athletic programming
power racks for training rooms

Mega Double Half Rack

  • Designed for Olympic-style training efficiency
  • Adjustable safety bars, dual-grip chin bars, bar storage, band storage and weight storage
  • Visual height indicator and colored locking pin make bar-level changes quick and easy
  • 3 retractable lower band pegs on each side (12 total)
  • J-hooks made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) to protect bar knurling from scratches
sled type equipment using strength and speed

Torque TANK™

  • The resistance increase with speed
  •  Three levels of resistance to perform anaerobic bursts of acceleration and speed sprints
  • Resistance is supplied in both directions with an accent on eccentric sports-specific training
  • XGAS – Group Anchor Station holds weights and accessories to move a complete workout to any location indoors or outdoors
  • Wheels are gentle on carpeting, hardwood and natural turf grass
motor less treadmill by matrix

S-Drive Performance Trainer

  • Sled brake with eight settings
  • Parachute brake with 11 settings
  • 7-degree incline is ideal for building strength and explosiveness
  • Self-powered design

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