Katie Morris

Katie hails originally from the Midwest but has called Southern California home for the past 15 years, having made the move westward after completing her education at Purdue University.

With a robust background in consultative selling, Katie brings over a decade of experience to the table, demonstrating a consistent ability to generate revenue and successfully manage complex projects. Known for her high-energy approach, charismatic demeanor, and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, she continually strives to leverage her creativity to foster a sense of community within her projects

Katie’s unique perspective is underpinned by her commitment to understanding the needs and desires of end-users, allowing her to craft aesthetically pleasing spaces that seamlessly blend functionality with inspiration. By approaching each project with a user-centric mindset, she consistently delivers results that not only meet but exceed expectations, positioning herself as a trusted professional in the field.

As a dedicated Group Fitness Instructor, she finds joy in sharing her passion for health and wellness with others while also fulfilling her role as a proud Aunt. Beyond her fitness endeavors, Katie is a self-professed food enthusiast and avid seeker of personal growth opportunities.