John Zychowicz

John is a seasoned Commercial Consultant specializing in design and sales within the fitness industry. With a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance from the University of Toledo, John brings over 35 years of experience to his role, currently representing top-quality brands like Matrix and Hoist in his offerings.

Having spent the last decade with Opti-Fit, John has primarily focused on multi-family projects while also successfully completing ventures with schools and corporate fitness facilities. As a longstanding member of the IRSA for over 35 years, John actively participates in the yearly convention to stay abreast of industry advancements and trends.

Beyond his professional endeavors, John’s passion for fitness shines through as a lifelong athlete, with a particular love for wrestling. He maintains his fitness routine with daily workouts at his local Esporta gym and daily bike rides spanning from 5 to 30 miles, balancing strength and cardio exercises. John firmly believes that these activities are crucial for his overall well-being and mental clarity, contributing to his longevity and positive outlook on life.