Mission Statement

MISSION: It is the passionate mission of Opti-Fit to utilize our unparalleled expertise to completely Opti-Mize our clients vision for their Fitness Amenity space.
VISION: It is our Vision Through the evolving science of Health And Wellness, which is practicing what we have learned, that creates new knowledge to share with our clientele.
PURPOSE: Our Purpose is to elevate and push the boundaries of the standard fitness experience through a full turnkey solution incorporating consultation, design, supply and service.

 About Opti-Fit Fitness Solutions:

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Opti-Fit Fitness Consulting is your one stop total fitness solution. Over the last 20 years the staff of Opti-Fit has partnered with thousands of clients in the planning,  design, supply and ongoing maintenance of fitness equipment all over the United States. Opti-Fit specializes in applying practical knowledge of human movement based  on the science of the body’s biomechanics to provide the most effective solution to meet your fitness needs.What sets Opti-Fit apart from the other fitness solution  partners? That one is easy… We are practitioners of our craft and we are passionate about what we do.

We know and recommend what works best for your facility because we put in the time to really understand your needs. It’s important to get to know your fitness facility  and the types of clientele you will be catering to. Using this information we consider ease of use, aesthetics, functionality, durability, safety and current fitness trends to  help create the perfect solution that is just right for you and your clientele.

Opti-Fit has partnered with the industries top fitness professionals, brands, and service partners to offer a complete service for our clients including Planning, Design,  Supply, Service, as well as ongoing support. Because of this many of our clients have come to realize fitness is a valuable offering for their organization and so can you.

Please have a closer look at the services we can provide your organization.